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How to Enjoy Life More Fully? See, Hear, Taste, Touch, Feel More…

While you are upon earth, enjoy the good things that are here. —John Selden Be clear: it is not your fault if your soul has felt depleted as of late.  The twenty-first-century world can often feel demanding, stressful, or busy. Living in this world is not always easy.  You can become so downtrodden by your […]

Unhackable Soul #1 International Best-seller!

If ever there was a blog post to encourage you to believe in yourself, this is it! As a child, I dreamed of writing a book and being a best-selling author. I never gave up on my dream and this year in April 2022, at the age of sixty-five,  my book Unhackable Soul was finally […]

Self-Care and Soul-Care: They Are Work You Need To Do.

Caring well for yourself is your responsibility in life. It relies on you being aware and attentive to your own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and consciously answering those needs as best as you can. There are no set rules when it comes to self-care. You do not have to follow a particular diet, be […]

Making a Difference -You Just Have to Care…

The current Coronavirus pandemic means life is even more challenging at present. With wearing masks and restrictions often in place,  it is easy to lose sight of life’s preciousness and feel as if you are on your own and as if no one cares. You and I may not be able to heal the world […]

How To Motivate Yourself to Take Action – A Simple Strategy that Works….

Does lack of motivation hold you back at times from making the most of life?  Are there occasions you feel like hibernating rather than knuckling down and getting a job done? Well, the good news is you are human. Lack of motivation can happen to the best of people. I experienced it for myself recently […]

A Personal Message from Maureen – To Those Challenged by Their Physical Health

I am always very open with my clients that I have physical health challenges and a painful and incurable progressive neurological illness. Yet, despite it all, I have a deep inner peace-  and heartfelt contentment that is secure. I live my life with much joy and passion. I  embrace and greet each day with enthusiasm […]

Weighed Down By Negative Thoughts or Emotions? Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

For those who know me well, you will know that I am a lover of life, nature, people and animals, and my gorgeous family and amazing husband, Peter. I am also a lover of fables and often relate them within coaching sessions to highlight, inspire or instigate new or different ways of thinking for my […]

A Life of Constant Bliss Would Teach Us Nothing

 “Storms often draw something out of us that calm seas don’t.” Bill Hybels Without experiencing the highest of highs in life, and at the other extreme, the lowest of lows, our heart and soul and the depth of emotions we feel would remain constant and unchanged. It would be difficult to differentiate between joy and […]

Throw Off Your Limiting Beliefs! They Exist Only In Your Mind..

Are limiting beliefs, fear of failure, or lack of courage holding you back in life? Are you stuck in a rut in an ‘uncomfortable’ comfort zone and struggling to see a way to improve or expand your world? Then read on, for I think you’ll find this Blog helpful to put some perspective on what’s happening […]