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If you or someone you deeply care about lives with pain and illness, I am sorry for that pain. I know it feels as though few people understand what it is like to live with the cruel mistress of pain 24/7.

Given half a chance, pain will start to dictate how you live your life and define the person you become. Chronic pain is a complete physical, mental, and emotional assault that can make you feel ashamed, upset, or disappointed with life—with yourself.

But you are not your pain and illness!

Despite living with intractable pain and an incurable neurological illness for over three decades, I have discovered a proven process to rise from a life dictated by chronic pain to a life fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose.

In my #1 Amazon Bestseller book Unhackable Soul, I share with you those same fundamental principles, which are deeply rooted within me, in the form of a 30-day elixir to keep your soul and spirit healthy even when your physical body is suffering.

If you want to go deeper and take your journey to the next level, then the Unhackable Soul Online Course will give you the practical and spiritual practices and strategies you need to start cracking in the light and restore life and passion to your soul.

It is important to note

Neither my book or online course promise you the tools for a miracle cure or fix. Nor can I promise you that instigating and fully embodying the practices and mindsets I share with you will bring about full physical healing. The mind–body connection is powerful, and it is imperative you understand how each interacts and impacts the other. Sometimes, however, despite what many mindset coaches or mind–body gurus teach, full healing at a physical, functional level is not always possible. That said, wellness is often about keeping your soul and spirit healthy, even when your physical body is injured, deteriorating, ageing, or impaired in some way.

Living well happens when we develop an Unhackable Soul—the ability to see the beauty in imperfection and rise, enriched by truth, and start each day anew.

Are you ready to become Unhackable, rise up, feel alive, and live well with pain and illness?

Then I invite you find out more about what my book and course can offer. Whether you choose to purchase my book, sign up to my online course, or choose to invest in both, know I will be with you every step of the way to guide you on your Unhackable Soul journey.

Know I believe in you. You’ve got this!

“Unhackable Soul is a resource and guide to achieving a fulfilling life despite chronic pain. It offers a durable, livable alternative to pharmacology and interventions. As a physician and surgeon who has worked with chronic pain patients, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for all who may live with chronic pain or disability. It offers a sustainable path to healthy, balanced well-being instead of a life of drugs, depression, and misery. In an era of endemic opioids and dependency, it cracks in the light for the pain sufferer on what can be for them an ever-darkening world.”

Dr Hugh A Gelabert
Physician and Surgeon, UCLA School of Medicine

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