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She wants to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that will move you forward. Nothing in her programmes or website is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings and she expects her programme members to accept and agree that they are 100% responsible for their own progress and results.

All of  Maureen’s terms, privacy policies and disclaimer for all programmes detailed on her website can be accessed using the links at the bottom of this page. She feels it is important to hold both herself, and you,  to a high standard of integrity.

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Maureen  is passionate about helping you to  fully and enthusiastically embrace and live your life.

Please Note:

All the techniques and methods introduced and explored in this website can be used alongside medical treatment. They are not intended as a substitute. If you are experiencing undiagnosed pain and other symptoms you are concerned about, it is encouraged that you seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner or suitable therapist.

Maureen Sharphouse is not a doctor, therapist, or certified medical professional. She is a pain and illness patient, peer support advocate, an accredited and certified life coach and mentor, NLP Master Practitioner, writer, and speaker, putting to purpose what she has come to know to help others who are experiencing pain and illness.

Her desire is to help individuals enjoy greater joy and comfort in their lives, ignite and unleash the fire and passion of the soul and spirit within them, and live their best lives.

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