Life Coaching

Life Coaching

A non-judgemental working partnership & accountability, helping you:

  • reignite, nourish, and refuel you at a deep soul level
  • discover who you truly are
  • let go of limiting beliefs and build in self-belief and confidence
  • develop increasing mental resilience
  • close the gap between dreaming and doing
  • learn best life living and success strategies and practices
  • turn up fully to life, and give to life the best of you
  • be motivated and inspired to live a unique legacy you are proud of
  • feel alive and learn nourishing daily practices
  • face life’s challenges with knowledge and trust that you can handle them
  • move from fear to faith, and live with purpose
  • discover a deep inner peace—and be able to access it when most needed
  • respect and value the preciousness of the mysterious, educational, and magical journey we call life

Navigate through life with inspired passion and purpose.

We will work well together if...

  • You have had enough of settling for a quality of life less than you deserve and are prepared to take responsibility for cracking the light in on any darkness.
  • You are 100% committed to change and prepared to work to do whatever it takes.
  • We have a natural resonance and enthusiasm to work together. We connect with each other’s stories.
  • You are willing to invest financially and personally in your own happiness and committed to making the most of the learnings and opportunities that working with a professional life coach presents.

We will not work well together if...

  • You are stuck in a ‘cup half-empty’ mindset and not prepared to take responsibility and the steps to change it.
  • You are a constant complainer and make excuses for why you have not been willing to action what we discuss in sessions.
  • You are likely to give in easily and are prone to give up at the first hurdle.
  • You are not completely open and honest about your current circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and how you live your life.

What do others say about me as a coach?

Please note, to respect and honour client confidentiality, full names have been withheld.

“I feel alive for the first time in years. I’ve finally found me…”

“I needed a transformation, and WOW, with Maureen’s support, what a transformation I have achieved!”

“The experience, learnings, and techniques have been amazing and completely unique to anything I have experienced before in the area of personal development. Maureen is an excellent coach who I found to be understanding, empathetic, and extremely flexible in her approach. She makes the client feel important and always follows up.”

“With Maureen’s help I have completely eliminated what can only be described as a long standing and deeply rooted mental fear. It has felt like a symbolic rebirthing.

“I had had counselling before but working with Maureen was very different. She is warm, intuitive, listens well, and carefully asks both interesting and challenging questions. I am now clear on my journey ahead and truly motivated towards achieving my goals.”

“Working with Maureen has completely transformed my ways of thinking. I am brimming with self-belief and have been equipped with a bag of strategies to allow me to take full control of my future and make the changes I want.”

“When Maureen helped me to see that the negative voice in my head was my own, it was a real “light bulb” moment for me! My confidence and performance have rocketed.”

“Maureen has a great ability to ask powerful, searching questions that really make you think and get to the crux of the matter. This along with her incredible intuition, helps you to understand and address the issues that are holding you back form achieving the life you truly desire.”

“Maureen successfully helped me peel away the layers that were holding me back and helped me to understand my true desires in life.  As a result, I’m much happier because I’m working towards them and no longer keeping them locked away.”

“With the help of coaching, I clarified what it is that I really want out of life and I have been able to achieve it much more easily than I ever thought possible.”

“Maureen is extremely positive, friendly and understanding. Maureen has a knack for asking all the right questions and will challenge you. She is honest and has awakened me to the fact that the responsibility for your own life, lies in your own hands.”

“Maureen’s coaching programme has transformed the way I see my life. I have discovered a great deal about what I value, and with this knowledge I now prioritise only the activities that have a positive influence on my life.”

“Maureen is an enthusiastic and dynamic coach who really made me see things differently. Even though I regard myself as quite self-aware, Maureen “turned on a few more lights” for me through her structured approach and excellent powers of perception.”

“I have sorted the sludge out and achieved clarity. I’ve learned it’s okay to be the ‘me’ I want to be!”

To find out more about my life coaching, I invite you to contact me…

If your needs are deemed urgent, and I feel it would benefit your immediate well-being, if my diary allows, it may be possible to book a one-off stand-alone coaching session with me.

However, to achieve impactful, meaningful, and sustainable results, most of my clients commit to a three-month or six-month bespoke life coaching programme with me, with regular coaching sessions delivered 1:1 online via Zoom and unlimited email support.

As long as you have a stable internet connection, I can work with you wherever you live in the world.

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