Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

I am passionate about delivering high-performance, mindset, mental resilience, and pain management talks and workshops to audiences, whether large or small.

My aim is to inspire your audience to think beyond their perceived limitations, dream bigger than they have ever imagined, and motivate them to take meaningful actions to create the change they want to see in their world.

Opening their mind to what is possible, I will encourage your audience to throw off their fear, perceived limitations and glass ceilings, beyond which up until now they may have thought they couldn’t go beyond.

I will explore and share a wide variety of practical and spiritual practices and strategies, pain management tools (where appropriate), NLP, visualisation, and mindset techniques to inspire new ways of thinking, living, acting, doing, and being.

Ultimately, through sharing my own unique story, I will inspire and encourage your audience to crack open any darkness they may be currently experiencing, reignite the light within them, unleash their soul and spirit, and take personal ownership of the quality of their decisions, actions,  choices, and the life they live.

Helping you create memorable and impactful events. Online or in person, to audiences both large and small.

What do others say about me as a speaker?

Whether your audience is big or small and whatever your speaking or workshop requirements, I will be happy to speak with you and explore how I can help you create a memorable and impacting event.

“Emotional, Inspirational, Motivational.”
Colin Rigby

“A motivating and thought-provoking speaker who will leave you feeling empowered.”
Alice Leggat

“Maureen can hold an audience in the palm of her hand and leave everyone in the room with a feel-good and positive outlook on life.”
Sandra Cassels

“The power of the mind is incredible, and Maureen really proved this in her presentation. I came away feeling empowered and energised.”
Louise Buckley

“Maureen brought a very positive and highly inspirational insight into the way we view the world, the interaction between body and mind, and how we can overcome obstacles and negativity and simply have a wonderful life.”
Helen Smith

“Thank you for your very inspiring talk. You are a great speaker and so motivational. We all came away with a very positive and uplifting feeling.”
Caroline Trotter

“Maureen inspired us all to question the limitations we put on ourselves both professionally and personally that can restrict our potential. We all came away feeling motivated and ready to tackle anything life throws at us!”
Audrey Ellis

“Very good, honest, down to earth, inspiring and helpful. A great workshop with empowering mental tools and techniques shared, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Isobel Cooke

“Thank you! I am feeling inspired and motivated to change my thinking and look at my own challenges in a much more positive way.”
Donna Walker

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