You’ve probably lost count of how many life coaches, life and mindset gurus, mentors, motivational speakers, teachers of different practical and spiritual techniques and practices, personal development books and online coaching programmes are found on the web. Each of us has different areas of expertise,  varying levels of life experience,  and works with different approaches and styles.

Whether I am working with you as your coach and mentor or delivering a talk or workshop to your audience, I pride myself in using a personal, bespoke and unique approach: seamlessly blending a wide range of personal development and NLP techniques; mindset tools; practical and spiritual strategies and practices; pain management strategies (where appropriate); visualisation, mindfulness and meditation techniques—to reignite, nourish and refuel at a deep inner level.

I am based in Milnathort in Kinross-shire, Scotland; however, my clients come to me from across Scotland, the UK, Europe, America, Saudi Arabia, Australia—and all around the Globe.

Provided you have access to a stable internet connection, I can work with you on a 1:1 basis, within a group setting, or you can take my 30-day online course wherever you live in the world.

My best-selling book Unhackable Soul is available globally also. You will find it on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble and all good book stores, and available to order and purchase anywhere in the world books are sold.

“Maureen is a power house of positivity and everything she discusses you will find has resonance to your own particular journey… Thanks Maureen… keep shining your light!”

Zian Fred Norman

“Staying alive is good… Feeling alive is better”

Sushil Jain

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