Unhackable Soul – The Book – #1International Bestseller

Rise Up, Feel Alive, and Live Well with Pain and Illness
The 30-day Elixir For Reigniting The Light Within

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Living with chronic pain is far from easy. Left unchecked, it erodes your spirit and keeps you living in the dark. It can influence what you believe about yourself and even hack your soul if you let it. It can dampen your enthusiasm and zest for life and suck all joy right out of life.

In 30 daily missions, Unhackable Soul reveals how you can feel vibrantly alive despite living with chronic illness and pain.

Discover how to:

  • learn who you are beyond your physical body
  • let go of limiting beliefs and labels
  • rise up from a life dictated by pain and illness to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose
  • feel alive and experience greater joy, peace, and comfort
  • wake up every day eager to embrace life despite your challenges
  • restore life and passion to your soul at a deep inner level
  • access a safe calm within you, including when experiencing bad days and pain flares
  • embrace the preciousness of life and start living a unique legacy on earth you are proud of
  • be confident you can handle whatever challenges life may bring you
  • become unhackable and live life with your soul fully alive and spirit well.

Live Well. Reignite Your Light. It’s Time to Become Unhackable.

How to Get the Most Out of This Book

Throughout Unhackable Soul, I introduce you to new ways of thinking, practical and spiritual strategies, and ways of living that can help ignite a renewed enthusiasm and passion within you. The thirty daily missions I share are the same steps I took to rise from the dark pit dug by pain and transform my quality of life. Today, my life is rooted in—and my soul is nourished by—these fundamental principles.

By applying what I share with you on this thirty-day journey, you will be doing all you can to aid your physical body’s natural healing mechanisms by getting your soul and spirit, as well as your emotional, psychological, and mental state, in their best condition. Only you can be your rescue, however, and you must decide how much you will apply from what I share.

Knowing all too well that living 24/7 with pain and illness can make it difficult to focus and concentrate for lengthy periods, I wrote Unhackable Soul with you in mind. There are no chapters, only days. You can digest the content one day at a time, or you may wish to read multiple days at a time.

I encourage you to read and apply the steps in the Book at a pace that feels relaxed and comfortable to you. Answer the reflective questions, explore, and put into practice the strategies I share with you, and complete the daily ‘Rise’ simple assignments. See yourself as a work in progress. Meaningful and sustainable change takes time, so be understanding and patient; you do not need to implement everything I share with you immediately or all at once.

Above all, be gentle and kind to yourself. Living with pain and illness can be challenging at best and debilitating at worst. Use my Book as fuel to nourish, guide, and support you on your journey to feeling alive and living well.

Praise for Unhackable Soul

Amberly Lago

I LOVE this radically transformative book!!! As someone who lives with daily chronic pain from CRPS, Unhackable Soul is a roadmap to reclaim your joy and reignite the light within you despite pain! Maureen’s authentic storytelling illustrates how difficult experiences and deep wounds, both mental and physical, are the very things that can gift us a deeper power and resilience if we allow them. Maureen generously brings us her personal journey and shares her formula for moving through tremendous pain with grit and grace. Run, don’t walk and grab this book if you live with any kind of pain!  

At last, a practical book on chronic pain by somebody who lives with and copes with way more than her fair share of it. I use one particular tip of Maureen’s as a personal mantra to get me through my pain days. Open the book, read it, re-read it. Find yours. They’re powerful.

Unhackable Soul is emotionally compelling. It delivers an elixir that reaches deep into the heart, honoring and coaxing the reader to tap into the life within their own soul. Writing from the midst of her own experience, Maureen validates the temptation to retreat while modeling the choice to rise and embrace a life of joy. Full of grace, grit, and wisdom, Unhackable Soul is a must-read for anyone suffering chronic illness and pain.

Unhackable Soul is a resource and guide to achieving a fulfilling life despite chronic pain. It offers a durable, livable alternative to pharmacology and interventions. As a physician and surgeon who has worked with chronic pain patients, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for all who may live with chronic pain or disability. It offers a sustainable path to healthy, balanced well-being instead of a life of drugs, depression, and misery. In an era of endemic opioids and dependency, it cracks in the light for the pain sufferer on what can be for them an ever-darkening world.

Maureen’s book is a testament to showing you have a choice in how you deal with a chronic condition. With chronic pain on the increase, this is a refreshing, holistic, and empowering guide to helping people take back control and take back their lives.

Fantastically uplifting and encouraging from someone who knows what it feels like to experience challenges and still live life fully. Maureen’s spirit shines through every page to speak to you and pull you forward. Wonderful!

There are so many books out there about ‘living your best life’, but few have the realism, joy, and compassion that Maureen pours out of her heart and onto the pages of this book. As a young man who has battled Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for almost ten years, I find Maureen’s words of wisdom and encouragement a true inspiration and blessing.

Maureen writes with an immensely clear and resoundingly authentic voice that is combined with an unparalleled depth and breadth of personal experience and embodied wisdom to reach directly into the hearts and minds of her readers. Highly recommended.

Maureen offers so many voices of comfort for the reader throughout Unhackable Soul. From comfort, to knowing, practical advice and strategies, this book offers deep connection for many who may in some ways feel often isolated. Heartfelt and honest, this book will leave you hopeful. Be inspired by the thirty-year journey Maureen has been on, from which she shares an abundance of knowledge and practical advice to offer anyone feeling confused, depleted, or lost in the reality of chronic pain. Allow Maureen to hold your hand and be a comfort, and even a friend, through the deep work she offers in this book.

With its empowering thirty daily missions, Unhackable Soul will guide you through new ways of thinking and inspire you to rise from within your circumstances. Maureen’s 30-day elixir is enlightening, liberating, and powerful. Take your time. Don’t race to the end. Consume it at a pace that is comfortable for you. The insights, wisdom, and clarity you need are on every page. If you are fed up living a life dictated by pain and illness and want to live a legacy you are proud of, this book is for you. Maureen will help you become an Unhackable Soul!

Maureen’s realness immediately connects with and encourages those walking the path of chronic pain, rekindling joy, and shining light on otherwise dark days. This book truly makes a difference as her joy is contagious.

I have been a long-term warrior of chronic pain and chronic fatigue. My mantra for many years has been ‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight’, which is a Japanese proverb. I loved Maureen’s book, and reading it made me feel more positive. It is easy to get dragged down when you are in chronic pain. There are lots of tips to help in the book. It’s good, fantastic actually, to be reminded that ‘I am not my physical body. I am not my self-limiting mind. I am the soul and spirit within. I am me!’ Keep this book handy to dip into when you are not having your best day.

As founder and CEO of the Burning Limb Foundation and aware of the crucial role that mind and spirit play in individuals living with chronic pain disease, I highly recommend this book. Maureen’s personal inspirational story and her step-by-step revitalizing daily elixir make this book a valuable go-to companion and guide for living well with pain and illness. Maureen’s words incorporate ideas that are not just firmly rooted in truth but also come from a loving perspective that only one who has experienced debilitating illness intimately can bring. Unhackable Soul provides me with yet another tool when working with those who live with chronic illness and is a true blueprint for how not to just live but to thrive.

Throughout the book, Maureen gently takes readers by the hand and acts as a guide, nurturing at the readers’ pace, giving them permission to be themselves. Unhackable Soul is both enriching and powerful, speaking directly to those living with a chronic illness or disability and equally speaking to those supporting the individuals—medically and personally. As a mother of a daughter who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at thirteen months old and having subsequently developed a long-term health condition myself, I know one thing for sure—the description of your label does not define who you are as a human being. Live a limitless life your way—your past does not equal your future. Unhackable Soul is the perfect prescription to start your journey and live your best life.

Maureen’s elixir for self-healing and management of chronic pain and illness is a refreshing perspective in a world with prevalent addictions to pain medication. Based on her own personal history with chronic and severe pain and illness, these techniques come from decades of experience with her own journey. With an invitation to dig deep inside yourself to discover the joy of living in spite of pain, she really does close the gap between retreating from life and rising to meet it where you are. This book gives you but a taste of how amazing this author is and how she has overcome.

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