Peer Support & Mentoring

Peer Support & Mentoring

There are times in life when your circumstances can feel overwhelming, downright difficult, or painfully challenging. It can be hard enough to cope and get through each day without feeling like you are getting sucked into an ever-darkening abyss.

Worries mount. Stress levels increase.

Your soul becomes eroded. You lose all enthusiasm for life.

Your spirit is dampened. You start to see a bleak future.

You begin to query what this thing called life is all about.

In truth, I understand how that feels—for I have been there too.

Imagine reaching out for support from someone you trust, who can hold the safe confidential space for you in times like these. Imagine having someone alongside you to share your innermost thoughts without judgement, develop coping strategies with you to ease the heavy load you are carrying, and that can guide you as your sage and mentor with their skills and wisdom.

Know it is okay to reach out for help and admit you are not okay at times. Despite what many coaches and mindset gurus teach, you are not always in control of all things!

Life can take twists and turns that are not of your choosing. Pain and illness can join you on your journey, disability and accidents happen, you can lose your job or loved ones, and difficult circumstances can suck you into darkness.

Rather than working with me as your life coach at these times, I will serve you better by providing you with ongoing mentoring and peer support.

If you would like to find out more about investing in my help to provide a period of ongoing guidance and support to you, I invite you to contact me.

We can have an initial chat, see whether we are a good fit, and discuss together the best way forward from there.

Be understood. Be guided by my wisdom. Stay stronger together, one next best step at a time.

What do others say about me as a support and mentor?

Please note, to respect and honour client confidentiality, full names have been withheld.

“I had always thought my disability meant I couldn’t do the same things my friends did. Maureen has helped me realise I just have to concentrate on how.”

“Maureen has been instrumental in improving my attitude, self-awareness, self-esteem, as well as making me aware I am the most important person to myself. Maureen has taught me to begin each day as a chance for a fresh start.”

“Maureen has been very understanding towards me and the difficulties I face because of my complex multiple disabilities. She has given me such valuable and impartial advice without ever judging or criticizing me and has been a ray of light and support.”

“Working with Maureen was really refreshing. She is accommodating, patient, understanding and non-judgemental.”

“Maureen inspired and helped me to feel better about myself and the direction my life was taking. I feel more positive, focussed, and alive.”

“With her kind words of encouragement, and questions that I had been hiding from for a very long time, Maureen reminded me of the courage that I possess and that I can be the person that I had always wanted to be.”

“Maureen gave me self-worth, confidence, and a real purpose to achieve things that I would never believed I could have achieved.”

“I have MS and when I first spoke to Maureen she could hardly understand what I said. My speech was slurring and quiet. I am no longer quiet, and hardly slur at all. Maureen believed in me when I did not believe in myself.”

“Maureen allowed me to recognise areas of my life I wanted to address and guided me to change them. She has an empathic and open manner which immediately put me at ease.”

“It was great having my own personal cheerleader through some significant challenges. Sessions with Maureen were always positive, forward thinking, and challenging (in the nicest possible way).”

“I can’t thank Maureen enough for shining a torch into the areas of my life that made change possible. She made me feel supported and encouraged and helped me see endless possibilities that I was blind to in my life.”

“I needed help with self-confidence and stress management. Maureen gave me the tools to change my outlook and attitude from one that was very negative to a much more positive one, so that I had a much more realistic view of my skills and abilities.”

“I would like to thank you for the huge contribution you made to my daughter’s recovery. She is doing well and finding joy in life again. I notice a big difference.”

“As a result of working with Maureen my attitude to life is more positive and I feel I’m able to get things into perspective quickly and easily. I face every day now with excitement and opportunity, rather than despair.”

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