Unhackable Soul

Unhackable Soul

You know what it’s like. You have big dreams and goals in life and a lengthy bucket list you want to achieve. You envision a happy life full of rewarding relationships and a successful career. You see yourself enjoying a never-ending love and zest for life. You make plans for your next challenge. Joy and fun await.

And then it happens.

Your plans are interrupted.

The trajectory of your life hits a roadblock.

One minute you are boldly sailing on course, enjoying life to the full, and the next moment all thoughts of a bright rewarding future and your dreams dissolve into the background.

Something knocks you off course.

Life gets in the way.

And whether the culprit is something you don’t have full control of or it is the result of something you did, it can crush your spirit and leave you without hope.

In short, your soul becomes hacked—you find yourself physically alive and breathing, but on the inside feeling mostly numb and dead.

How do I know this?

I have been there…

I know first-hand the roller coaster of emotions, difficulties, and challenges of living with ongoing pain, illness and disability. I have experienced many pain crises and overwhelming dark moments. Nevertheless, over the last three and a half decades, I have discovered a proven process to rise up, feel alive, and live well with pain and illness.

Today can be your day to start the same process.

Whether you purchase a copy of my book or choose to sign up to my online course you will find my 30-day elixir is enlightening, liberating, and powerful.

If you are fed up living a life dictated by pain and illness and want to live a legacy you are proud of then my Unhackable Soul book, Online Course and joining the Unhackable Soul Tribe online are for you!

Amberly Lago

“I LOVE this radically transformative book!!! As someone who lives with daily chronic pain from CRPS, Unhackable Soul is a roadmap to reclaim your joy and reignite the light within you despite pain! Maureen’s authentic storytelling illustrates how difficult experiences and deep wounds, both mental and physical, are the very things that can gift us a deeper power and resilience if we allow them. Maureen generously brings us her personal journey and shares her formula for moving through tremendous pain with grit and grace. Run, don’t walk and grab this book if you live with any kind of pain!”

Expert Mindset Coach, TEDx Speaker, True Grit and Grace Podcast Host
Best-Selling Author of True Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph.   

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“Don’t fear the light within. May it ignite the Sacred Flame in your soul.”

Paulo Coelho

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