When Life Feels Cruel or Difficult : Top and Tail Your Days with Gratitude

It can sometimes feel like the Universe has dealt you an unkind card. At times, in truth, life can feel challenging and difficult. You can feel disappointed with yourself – and with life – and question whether circumstances are a result of something you have or have not done.

I get you; I understand you.

I live with an incurable neurological condition dubbed ‘the suicide disease’ and experience these feelings too.

No matter what many mindset gurus or therapists will teach or profess, however, I want you to know you are not always in control(or responsible for) all circumstances or happenings in your life.

A life where you are in control of everything – or have the power to ‘fix’ everything- is not real life at all.

Death, illness, accidents, redundancies,  sad or traumatic events – these things all can happen.  And they can feel cruel, tough to live with and difficult to envisage how you will get through.

The bottom line, however, is that your world will only ever feel as good to you as you allow it to be.

Tough as it may sound: The choice of sinking or swimming,  surviving or thriving in life (despite whatever your circumstances), ultimately comes down to you.

And if you have had enough of feeling overwhelmed by life or sucked into a tsunami of despondency and despair- and are committed to implementing some positive change in your life-  cultivating an attitude of gratitude is key.

Top and Tail Your Days with Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can use to dissolve negativity in your life, and start manifesting a more positive frequency and energy.

To kickstart the process, make gratitude a non-negotiable morning practice.

On waking, use the first five minutes of your day to be thankful- for the good that is available to you in your life you have right now. Commit to writing ten things you are grateful for each day in your journal.

Gratitude will shift your energy and mindset and change your perception and focus in life. Not only will you start to see the change in your external world, but you will also begin to feel a positive and meaningful change within you.

End each day with feel-good feelings also.

Put loving arms of understanding and compassion around yourself, and always end each day with positive and loving thoughts.

No matter how hard things may have been for you that day, you have made it through and handled it!

Make it a non-negotiable daily practice to list in an evening journal ten things you are proud of yourself for saying/doing/feeling/being that day – and capture both the large and the small.

Breathe in renewed courage and strength each evening, refuel and reset; remind yourself tomorrow is another day to be grateful, and start afresh.

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