It’s Time to Get Back Up: Language is Power

If you are stuck in a dark place – and fed up with only seeing a bleak future ahead, I know how that feels…. I have been there also.

It is hard when you don’t know what or how you can change things.

You can feel stuck in a rut, in an ever-restricting world, and struggle to see any light ahead.

For me, the moment I yelled ‘enough is enough’ is so vivid in my mind I know the exact date and time: the memory is so vivid.

And what I learned from that fresh starting place of facing the truth of my story and reality, is that darkness is only ever the absence of light. And, whatever your circumstances or challenges,  there are always things you CAN DO to crack the light back in and change things.

Want some tips?

Want to know your starting point? (And what my first step was? )

And some simple language hacks and strategies to help you get out of your own way, so that you can start crafting that brighter future?

Then grab a coffee and get yourself comfortable.

I invite you to join me as the incredible Talia Lazarus interviews me for her ‘I Got Back Up’ Podcast.

Our conversation is full of insights, learnings, tips and strategies for you, to help you rise through your challenges – and is joyous and magical!

It feels appropriate to share it here with you on my Blog… I hope it helps you too to start to rise and Get Back Up – and speaks to you in a deeply soul-inspiring way.

Language is Power: Maureen Sharphouse on the   ‘I Got Back Up Podcast’  with Talia Lazarus:

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