‘Want’ What You Want In Life – and Want It Badly! Visualisation Is Key.

Being fired with a hunger and desire for what you truly want in life is important. Without a burning desire to turn what you want into reality, you will lack the motivation to take action and are highly unlikely to succeed. You may have clarity on what you want and have big dreams, goals and visions – but it’s likely, it will all be wasted. You may not even get off the starting blocks if you don’t treat your goals and dreams as important and build a burning desire to make your vision real.

What will happen is you will give up easily.

You won’t be committed to being in for the long haul.

You will be haphazard with any action you take and forever find yourself hesitating, questioning your ability, questioning your decisions,  and being full of self-doubt.

 And I don’t want that for you!

Know that there is no need for it.

You have all the power and resources within you to succeed at achieving exactly what you want in life….

The key is to ‘want what you want’ –  and what’s more, you need to ‘want what you want badly’!

You have to discount there being any alternative outcomes for you.

You have to see your success as being ‘a given’ and move forwards with ‘a knowing’. 

You have to go after your dreams as if your life depends on them.

You have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to make your dreams and visions real for however long it takes.

How do I know this?

I know that to be true because when I moved forwards with a burning hunger to transform my life at both an inner and outer level, I was motivated to overcome all my excuses and throw off all perceived limitations.


The best way to build your hunger is by visualising your life in your mind as if you have made all the changes already, and stepping into the picture and into your own body to see, hear, taste, touch and experience first hand the emotions you feel.

Visualisation: What is it?

Visualising is seeing something in your mind – whether it is a memory of your past, a picture of your present, or imagining a vision of something in your future. It can be something that has happened, exists for you, or something you want to see happening for you instead.

If you have any doubts about whether you can visualise, think of your own home and your front door, and a room in your house or your bedroom. Imagine seeing yourself arriving home and going in – and taking off your coat and sitting or lying down.

Now imagine floating into yourself as if you are physically there now and feel your favourite chair or bed supporting you.

Get yourself comfortable now; that’s right, feel comfortable. Notice how comfortable you feel….

Visualisation: We all do it….

Every day, each of us makes pictures in our minds, although we may not always consciously realise it. For example, we envisage having a good or bad day at work, an event being brilliant or boring, having a relaxing time with family, or perhaps a business meeting going well.

Young children visualise all the time. But, in truth, they are experts at it, and we can learn a lot from them. They have imaginary friends, envision the tooth fairy coming, and ‘play’ at being doctors or nurses and see themselves getting married. They see monsters under their bed when there are none and do their best to convince you they are there!

I have grandchildren myself, and I find the true power of their imagination magical. They envision being superman, winning gold medals in the Olympics, being pirates, ballet dancers, and famous actresses. They make the pictures in their minds of them being that person, step into being the characters, and take on the role themselves.

It’s such a shame that as our children get older, we often actively discourage them from using their imagination in this way. Instead, we tell them that ‘they are growing up now’, and with the voice of authority, we tell them they must live in the real world, focus on working hard at school and get themselves a ‘proper’ job.

In essence, what we are doing is inadvertently depriving them of fully utilising one of the most wonderful gifts they were born with.

We are unwittingly encouraging our children to curb their minds’ true power and strength.

Your mind knows no difference…

Visualisation is an empowering mental strategy used by many successful people to help them bring about the high level of results they want in life. Professional sportspeople and business leaders, architects, actors and even world leaders use visualisation. I use visualisation in my own life daily- both in my personal life, in my business – and my writing and goals and visions. I teach my clients to use it also.

The magic of visualisation lies in the fact that your mind doesn’t know the difference whether you have achieved something in your mind only or are experiencing and achieving the actual physical experience itself.

This was proved to be true through an experiment that involved attaching electrodes to several athletes brains. Some of the athletes were asked to run a race physically, and some were asked to run a race in their minds.

Interestingly, all the readings of the athletes’ brain activity were recorded as being all the same!

We can see further proof that the human brain knows no difference between real and imagined experiences when we look at people with fears and phobias. For example, the mere mention of a spider or snake can bring people with a fear of them out in a cold sweat or start them shaking uncontrollably even when no snake or spider is physically there….

When it comes to your big goals and visions in life:

  • First, you have to be fully committed to taking the steps and action and be prepared to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes.
  • You have to want what you want and want it badly and be committed to taking consistent action for the long haul.
  • You have to move forwards with a true self-belief and knowing and throw off all limited ways of thinking and anything that doesn’t serve you well.

Visualising the changes you want in your life as if you have them already will not only fire your hunger to bring those changes into your reality but will set the blueprint for success in both your conscious and unconscious mind. 

What if I don’t ‘see’ anything when I visualise?

If you find it hard to see an ‘actual picture’ in your mind, know that that’s ok – some of us are more visual than others. Many people don’t see an actual image in their mind, but instead, they ‘think it.’ Know that you will get the same benefits from this. Know it’s perfectly ok. It works just as well …..

A Free Guided Visualisation audio for you….

Start turning into reality the high level of happiness and success you both want and deserve!

Know that visualisation is one of the keys to helping you achieve the high level of happiness and success you want in life. Imagining your goals as if you have already achieved them is one of the most powerful mental techniques you can use.

I use visualisation; my clients use it, and I’d love to teach you how best to do it also.

Visualisation will not only fire your hunger for the change you want, but it will also build your confidence, self-belief and determination. It will fire you to take action and keep you going when and if the going gets tough.

You can download my FREE GUIDED VISUALISATION  & MEDITATION AUDIO  by visiting my GET INSPIRED page and clicking on the highlighted link for instant access. So get yourself comfortable, listen to my voice, follow what I say and go where your mind naturally wants to go. It’s time to start setting the blueprint for the success and happiness you want in life in your conscious and unconscious mind!

Maureen Sharphouse



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