Let Go Of Guilt and Regrets. An Exercise To Spring Clean Your Mind.

In Spring, the leaves bud on the trees, and it’s a time of new growth all around us. It is such a beautiful time of year, with everything appearing so fresh and new.

We  can learn a lot from mother nature and what is happening in the seasons:

Trees shedding leaves in winter reminds us how important it is to let go of things that no longer serve us well.

New buds and growth emerging in Spring remind us that as humans, we must also regularly open new doors and let in new fresh growth and experiences into our lives.

So throw off all your guilt and regrets now. 

Shed all your wrongdoings and disappointments.

Know that they serve no real purpose; what has happened in the winters of your life is in the past.

And as the sun rises every day comes the opportunity for new fresh expansion and growth. 

Exercise for You: Spring clean your mind…

Write down all the things that have happened in your life that you have had regrets about or felt guilty about. Write down all the bad stuff, your mistakes and wrongdoings. Get it all down on paper and get it ‘out of you’.

Keep on adding and adding to your list until you have freed your mind of all past negative events or limiting ways of thinking or hurtful situations.

Keep on asking, ‘ what else do I need to let go of?and  ‘what else do I need to let go of?

Keep on asking yourself that same question until you’ve got down all your answers on paper as much as you possibly can.

When you are finished writing your list, write boldly across it all;  ‘I forgive myself completely and wholeheartedly. My past is in the past, and I choose now to let all guilt and regrets go….”

Then burn your list, rip it up, bury it or shred it. Feel the sense of freedom you gain from doing so. Let your emotions run freely. Scream and shout if you want to, or shed tears, and sit quietly in reflection. Whatever you feel is happening naturally for you, let it happen. This is not the time to meet with resistance or needlessly bottle things up.

For I want you to feel a sense of freedom in the same way that I have done in my life. For that freedom empowered me to move forwards strongly – so much more strongly than ever before.

When I carry out this same exercise with my face to face private clients, I ask them to watch as I feed their list of regrets through my office shredder. Often they shed tears and find it extremely emotional as it lifts and lightens the load they have been carrying and brings them newfound freedom to move on.

When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow. (2)

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