Struggling To Make A Decision? Think Less, Feel More…

‘Think less, feel more’, is not perhaps a concept that is familiar to you,  for for the most part society teaches us to make our choices and decisions in life by thinking with our head.

I want to encourage you however to start making your decisions based more on how your heart tells you you feel.

For what happens when you think constantly with your head (that practical voice of reason or your ego) is that you can question or challenge yourself and talk yourself out of things, or alternatively talk yourself into things.

You can over analyse, question your ability, and start looking for external verification or permission for your actions from others.

Putting it quite simply, you can end up overthinking and get in your own way!

Your voice of reason can get in the way.

I  encourage you that when you have an important decision in your life to make, first of all, by all means, run it by your head and take note of its answers:

What do I think I need to do?

What can I do?

What do I think I want to do?

What do I think I should do?

What are my options and possibilities?

What do I think might be best? 

But I want to encourage you to then move down into the stillness of your body and ask your heart how and what it feels.

Trust and feel your answer.

I want you to really start tapping into what feels right for you and trusting your own inner guidance.

We all have deep inner guidance in place that tells us and allows us to feel what’s right for us, knows what we really want to do, what directions to go in, what decisions we want to make.

But we often overthink with the head; we over analyse, we introduce self doubt, we procrastinate, we hesitate.

All too often in life, when it comes to making important decisions, we allow our own negative mental chitter-chatter, or ‘voice of reason’  to get in the way.

My message is simple: Think less, feel more!

When you’re looking to make decisions in life – big or small- by all means ask the appropriate questions to your practical head of reason first.

But then consciously drop into the stillness of your body, and ask those same questions to your heart.

Touch base with your inbuilt inner guidance.

Feel the decisions you want to make.

“Think less, feel more” makes for a great mantra.

You’ll also find thinking less and feeling more a hugely rewarding way to live…

Let me know in the comments below if what I have said resonates with you.

Go be you and live your best life.

FEEL your answers and decisions as you move forwards – and have an amazing day.

Maureen Sharphouse



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