Is FEAR Holding You Back In Life?

Fear is a small word with only four letters, and yet it has the power to paralyse us, hold us in our tracks, and the ability to stop us from going after what we want in life.

Fear can act as a prison and keep your world small and restricted.

Fear can put boundaries around your world.

Does fear hold you back?

If you have big goals and visions for your life and find that fear is getting in the way of achieving those goals and holding you back,  what will get rid of your fear is facing the thing you fear the most.

Get clarity on what’s holding you back

I encourage you to think about what is holding you back from living the quality of life that I know you deserve: a life of being happy, feeling fulfilled, having the success you want, having a deep inner peace and contentment and having the confidence that you know you can handle anything.

What is it that is holding you back?

What is it that you fear the most?

Is it fear of trying and not quite making it?

Or do you fear staying where you are?

Or perhaps you fear getting to the end of your days saying “I wish I had” instead of “I’m glad I did!”

The secret is to do things despite your fear

The more you do things despite any fear you feel, the more you will find your confidence will grow. You will be able to face your bigger fears by starting on the smaller ones. Doing one small thing every day that scares you a bit and stretches you will soon have your motivation, momentum and confidence grow.

Remind yourself that fear exists in your mind only

Fear is not something tangible; you can’t reach out and touch it. Fear is not something you can grab hold of. It’s not the actual ‘thing’ you fear that’s causing the issue; it’s the thoughts you have associated with that ‘thing’ and the pictures you make inside your head.

Fear, in reality, is a learned response and learned behaviour of your brain. Strong emotions are often attached to the incident, which initially instigated your fear of ‘that thing’. The problem is we hang on to these thoughts and feelings and replay the thoughts repeatedly.

At its worst, fear turns into phobias which can root people to the spot.

Just imagine for a moment what you could do if you set your fear aside…

Stop for a moment and think about what you would do if you could set your fear aside.

What one step could you take right here, right now, to start moving away from fear and towards faith and self-belief instead?

Relax and breathe – and take that step,  and do the thing you fear the most anyway.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is doing things despite any fear you feel!

Know you are more powerful than you will ever know and have the courage within and deep inner strength.

Maureen Sharphouse


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