It All Starts With A Wish – And Then It’s The Wanting That Counts.

“I don’t believe in luck; it’s the wanting that counts. I have always wanted…. I did not want, ever, for others to get for me.”

Sophia Loren 

Are you like the famous actress Sophia Loren and take your ‘wants’ for life into your hands and ‘want’ them so badly that you take action on them?

Or are you someone who ‘wishes’ for change, ‘wishes’ for what you want in your life, and hopes the ‘Good Luck Genie’ will pay a visit one day and grant you your wishes by luck or chance?

Whilst everything may indeed start with a wish, a picture in your mind, a dream, a vision, the reality is that without taking action you are only dreaming; and it’s likely in your mind is where your wish is going to stay. Turning that wish into a ‘want’, however, and then into a burning desire,  is what is going to help manifest your dreams.

Dreams and wishes have the best chance of coming true when we take inspired action and are true to them.

We move from: “I wish” to “I’d love to” to “I really want this” to “I am hungry for this!” Being hungry for something will lead you to take action. And “I’m going to” becomes “I AM!”.

When was the last time you really yearned for something in life?

When was the last time you wanted something – I mean really wanted? Wanted it so badly that no one and nothing would deter you from your journey to achieve it? Wanted it so badly that you developed a burning hunger and desire to make it real?

When you truly want – with every fibre of your being – my experience is that you won’t let anything get in the way of doing everything in your power to do all you can to achieve it. You will feel called to do it, and when you honour that calling, the Universe often steps in to support you and help you out.

No matter how many times you take a backward step,  no matter how many twists and turns in your journey along the way,  you will keep going on your journey to achieve your desired outcome. You will feel driven to continue to take inspired action, no matter how long it takes.

Be honest:

How many times have you ‘wished’ for something – but then made excuses and blamed others as to why it can’t be yours?

Without taking the necessary action, your ‘wishes’ or ideas are never going to manifest in your life.

However, when you turn your wish into a burning ‘want’, you will feel and experience the difference it makes.

The next time….

The next time you wish to do something, don’t make excuses or put off ‘until tomorrow’. All too often in life, ‘tomorrow’ never comes, and you deserve so much more.

If something is important to you,  you must treat it as important.

Give yourself permission:

Know it’s OK! It’s OK to want what you want. And want it badly….

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life that is full and rewarding.

It is up to you to take ownership of your dreams and start building your hunger and ‘want’ for it NOW.

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