Stuck in a Negative Cycle? How Thinking On Purpose Can Change Your Life….

Are you stuck in a negative cycle of thoughts and finding it hard to break out of it?

Do you tend on the whole to see your cup half empty rather than half full?

Know that your thinking negatively is simply a learned behaviour pattern of the brain and a programmed way of thinking for you. With consistent self-awareness and conscious choice of more positive thoughts, your negative thinking can be turned around!

In essence, being positive is a choice – a choice for you to make and take each day, despite the challenges real life often brings.

So what do I mean by being stuck in a  ‘negative cycle’?

Your thoughts (including the pictures you make in your head and the self-talk you give yourself) boomerang back to you and impact the feelings and emotions you experience. Your feelings and emotions, in turn, influence the actions you take.

The actions you take bring about the results and outcomes you have – and then those outcomes and results will instigate new thoughts.

In this way, you can end up running a positive or negative cycle of thoughts- for one thing constantly leads into the other: a negative thought will lead to a negative feeling, a negative action and most likely bring a negative result. However, the good news is that at any point in the cycle, you have the choice to throw something more positive in its tracks!

Thinking on purpose will allow you to interrupt and break a negative cycle.

Thinking on purpose will help you create change in your life.

Thinking on purpose and following up with action will empower you to bring about the positive changes you want in your life…

What positive thought can you have right here, right now, to throw a roadblock on your negative cycle of feelings, actions or thoughts?

#TopTip: Welcome each morning with empowering positive statements before you even get out of bed

Positive ways of thinking are easier to install the first thing in the morning when all your ‘mental chitter chatter’ and momentum of your busy mind has died down overnight.

Get in with positive, empowering statements before you even step out of bed each morning, and always tell yourself to have a great day!

Start living more consciously, develop your self-awareness – and begin today thinking on purpose only those thoughts that serve you well.

Maureen Sharphouse


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