Living a Life You Love – The Differences that Make the Difference.

Today I want to talk to you about the difference that makes the difference –  between settling for a life that feels second best to you   – and living a life that feels good at a deep internal level and is in alignment with your truest self.

I hope my top tips resonate with you in some way.

Your life is important. It is your job to make it count!

#1: See the preciousness of life.

Life is precious; every moment is a miracle that we can never get back to living again.

That was brought home to me by my father’s death, who died at the age of only fifty-nine years old away back in 1991.

If you are living a life that feels slightly second best to you or a compromise – and are not living a life in true alignment with who you truly are – then you need to remind yourself that life is short, is unpredictable, and none of us knows how long we have on this Earth.

You owe it to yourself to live your best life.

On this Earth, the quality of your life ultimately comes down to you.

#2: Ensure that your heart & head are in alignment.

If you are not feeling truly happy with your life at present,  look within and ask yourself:

What is it that is making my life in some shape or form feel second best to me?”

Very often, our practical overthinking head encourages us to do things because we feel it’s expected of us or because it’s the practical thing to do.

At other times we can find ourselves putting the needs of others first before our own – or we can find ourselves doing certain things to look good in other people’s eyes.

Ego often has a lot to answer for – know, however it is not who you are.

If your head and heart are not in true alignment, it can feel like you have ‘a pebble in your shoe’, which keeps on aggravating and stopping you from fully enjoying the journey.

Eliminate the pebble in the shoe and marry your heart and head.

Get head, heart and gut all firing in the same direction.

Honour the truth of you and listen to what’s calling you forwards.

Be the YOU that you truly are…

#3: Believe in possibility always

If you are not happy with your life, then know it is up to you to do something about it.

Happiness is not something only for other people. Things don’t need to be the way they currently are for you.

Believe you can have better – and that you deserve it – and ignite the belief in YOU to make it happen.

For without belief in possibility,  you deny yourself hope.

And when you have no hope, you are highly unlikely to take the inspired action required to create the positive and meaningful change you desire.

So open your mind to the possibility that you CAN have a life you love.

Allow the belief in that possibility to enter your mind.

#4: Visualise yourself living a life you love.

Everything starts in your mind – so see in your mind now a picture of yourself with a big smile on your face and being happy.

Use your imagination to creatively visualise what you want for yourself and your life.

This action of visualising the life you want will fire your subconscious into start looking for ways to make it happen.

You will also fire hope and desire deep within you – and start building hunger and motivation, which will lead you to action.

And the wonderful thing about our future is that it happens one step, one moment, one action at a time.

#5: Blend the masculine & feminine energy.

We need to take action, drive things to make them happen and know where we are going.

But we also need to sit back and allow things to happen-and spend time ‘being’ and in receiving mode.

We need to be open to opportunities and acknowledge everything happening around us.

If we get too much in “focus” mode, we end up like a racehorse with blinkers on, only set on where we are going. And we get so focused on where we are going that we miss out on the beauty and opportunities – and synchronicity happening on the way.

Opportunities are being presented to us all the time. It is our job to open our eyes to see. 

#6: See that The Universe gives us everything we need.

When you take the steps and play your part in life to make it happen, I believe that the Universe responds to that and steps us to meet us.

We need to play our part and get very clear on who we are.

We also need to understand what we want out of life and what we are here to do – and what is in alignment with our true authentic selves.

When we step into that alignment, the intuitive hits and hunches come into our awareness and lead us to take inspired action.

Life’s magic starts to come our way.

When we play our part, the Universe responds.

Maureen Sharphouse

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