Living With Peace and Joy Despite Chronic Pain

How do I do what I do?

I’m often asked where my deep contentment comes from.

I’m often asked how I always have a genuine smile on my face when living with incurable neurological illness and in intense, relentless discomfort and pain.

I must be honest. I can’t take all the credit for it.

It’s not right that I take all the credit for my own serenity.

For it is not some new-age strategy that I have discovered or created. It is something far simpler. And so incredibly awesome.

It is the result of being deeply connected to the truth of who I am, the preciousness of life and mindful day by day present moment real-life living.  It comes down to parking all fear and living with faith and trust – and developing an ever-evolving and deepening working relationship with the bigger presence that is both all around and within me. By that I mean my ever-deepening working relationship with my God.

I use the term ‘my God’ in a broad collective sense. For I do not personally think it matters what we choose to call the bigger presence. My belief is that we are all sensing, and feeling, one and the same thing.

My God, as is your God, is the divine presence both around us and within.


So here I am writing this Blog taking time in my garden to enjoy watching the woodpeckers and squirrels helping themselves to peanuts on the bird feeder.

I am enjoying the cool breeze in my hair, the warmth of the sun, and the beauty and peace all around me.

Today is a new day –  and for that, I am so grateful.

With this new day comes new moments, fresh thoughts, opportunities, ideas, rewards, learnings and gifts.

This day brings deep contentment. It brings inner peace, love and warmth to me. It is strange to think despite all my intense physical pain and challenges that I can feel so deeply content and comforted within.

It’s magical really. Somewhat mysterious.  So beautiful and precious.

It is how I function, however, and how I keep on going despite having the most awful burning nerve pain, muscle atrophy and spasms,  and lack of ability to keep solid food down as the dark passenger on board.

It’s what allows me to smile and to feel blessed.

It’s what always allows me to remain true to me, true to my higher being – and true to the joy within and my core essence.

The divine is within me always.

My God lives within me – just as I live within him.

I hope that what I have shared with you today allows you to more deeply connect with the beauty that is all around you, and the divine that is within you.

Namaste my friend, may you always know that not everything in your life needs to be perfect for you to access a deeper peace and more joyful living, to see the beauty and preciousness of life,  feel whole and complete.

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