Throw Off Your Limiting Beliefs! They Exist Only In Your Mind..

Are limiting beliefs, fear of failure, or lack of courage holding you back in life? Are you stuck in a rut in an ‘uncomfortable’ comfort zone and struggling to see a way to improve or expand your world?

Then read on, for I think you’ll find this Blog helpful to put some perspective on what’s happening for you. It’s a Blog about how you can become conditioned to believe you’re stuck or trapped in circumstances and can’t escape.

In some parts of India: elephants are often tied to trees with a piece of rope or chain to stop them from escaping. At first, as would be expected,  the elephants pull and tug with all their might.

After a while, however, of struggling and failing to escape, the baby elephants believe that they are not strong enough to break free and give up even trying. This limiting belief becomes so firmly imprinted in their minds, that they can be tied to a tree by the same thin rope or chain as an adult elephant, yet continue to make no attempt to break free.

The reality, however, would be different –one tug and they would have freedom. They have all the power within them to break the rope or chain easily – and to pull the tree out by the roots!

Interestingly, even removing the rope or chain makes no difference to the adult elephants behaviour.  Their minds have become so programmed to expect a difficult struggle, they stay in the proximity of the tree where they know they feel ‘comfortable’ and safe.

As humans:

We are so similar to those elephants at times – often operating in a ‘comfort’ zone as if we’re chained and imprisoned within it.  We subconsciously set ourselves limits and boundaries, beyond which we think we can’t easily go. We let a lack of confidence in our ability hold us back, and limiting thoughts and beliefs imprison us.

We act just like the elephants, settle for being ‘uncomfortable’ in our comfort zone, and give up trying to improve or greatly expand our lives.

I hear you say you have tried to change your life.

I  ask: “Are you ‘trying’ hard enough?”

I hear you say you want success in life….

I ask:  “Do you truly believe you can have it?  Do you know and believe you deserve it?  Are you prepared to do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to get it?”

I urge you:

Throw off your fear of failure,  fear of judgment of others, fear of not being good enough or deserving enough. Throw off your thoughts of not being strong enough or talented enough to achieve exactly what you want in life.

I urge you to stop making excuses, stop waiting for the ‘magic wand,’ and dig deep for strength and courage.   If you do nothing different, if you don’t take action, you’ll continue to get the same old same.

Break your invisible chain. Set yourself free.

Expand and stretch yourself daily beyond your existing comfort zone. Do one thing every day that scares or stretches you a bit and you’ll find your belief and confidence, and your world will grow.

For within you right now is the power to make your biggest dreams and visions possible.

Most limitations exist in your mind only, and positive change in your life begins with you!

Maureen Sharphouse


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