A Personal Message from Maureen – To Those Challenged by Their Physical Health

I am always very open with my clients that I have physical health challenges and a painful and incurable progressive neurological illness. Yet, despite it all, I have a deep inner peace-  and heartfelt contentment that is secure. I live my life with much joy and passion. I  embrace and greet each day with enthusiasm for living. I do my best to consciously crack and let the light in even when my physical illness throws me into pain, flares and crises and spiralling into the darkest of the dark.

Do I have a message for you if you also live with chronic pain and illness? 

In truth, yes, I do. And today, I feel called to share it. Know my fellow pain or illness warrior, I get you, and I respect you. So reach out to me if I can support or help you in any way.

A Personal Message to those Challenged by Pain and Illness

Live with love. Live with compassion. Live with gratitude. Live with joy. Whatever life throws at you, know you have the strength to handle it. Open your eyes, heart, mind and soul wide. Look for the opportunity in your pain and discomfort; embrace your learning or gift.

Your true power lies within you. Move forwards with trust and faith, one step at a time forwards. Know you only have to deal with the moment you are in now. Focus on living your life and being your best you….

Deep within you, there is a place of wholeness and completeness. Make space for solitude and silence–so you can hear it whisper. Act on it. Take courage and strength from it. Ask yourself who you most need to be now, what you most need to do now. Ask your divine creator what it is you most need to hear…

The health diagnoses and labels you carry do not define you. They are merely the wings you can learn to soar and fly with. So throw off all old mental conditioning or limiting beliefs you hold around your illness, for they no longer serve you well.

You are not your physical body. You are not your mind. You are the unique soul and spirit within you. Know that everything in life does not need to be perfect for you to feel fully alive, complete and whole.

An empowering affirmation as you move forwards:

“I am not my physical body. I am not my self-limiting mind. I am the soul and spirit within. I am me….”

 Three great questions for reflection:

“What do I most need to hear right now?”

“Who do I most need to be right now?”

“What inspired action could I now take?”

Wisdom nugget and take away:

Your pain, illness, health diagnoses and labels – they do not define you.

Your pain, disease, health diagnoses and labels – they are not you!

Step up wholly.

Live life fully.

It’s your time now to throw off the imaginary chains you have seen restrict you and start smiling again, experiencing peace and joy again,  and being the most awesome you.

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