How To Motivate Yourself to Take Action – A Simple Strategy that Works….

Does lack of motivation hold you back at times from making the most of life?  Are there occasions you feel like hibernating rather than knuckling down and getting a job done?

Well, the good news is you are human. Lack of motivation can happen to the best of people. I experienced it for myself recently as I watched the pile of paperwork on my desk mounting. I had been so busy writing and seeing clients that  I had been putting my paperwork off for days.

Today, however,  I am feeling quite smug, for my desk is clear and I feel on top once more. Let me share with you the strategy I used that fired me to take action. Many of my clients use this strategy also.

I encourage you to try it whenever a motivation meltdown next strikes.

Overcoming  Motivation Meltdown: A Step by Step Strategy That Works!


#1: Visualise the end result as if you’ve already achieved it

Instead of making lots of little pictures in your mind of the task in hand and the process, make one big bold picture only of the successful end result. (See yourself already having successfully done  whatever you’ve been lacking the motivation  to do.)

Take time to make the picture perfect – with everything having gone exactly the way you would like it to.  Make the picture nearer you and clearer. Then make it bolder and bigger, and the colours richer and brighter. Add in any sounds and adjust the clarity, tone or pitch of the sound so it’s perfect too.

Focusing your attention in this way on the picture of you having already having done things will help inspire you to take action. It will build your desire and hunger also, for successfully achieving the end result.

#2: Float or step into the picture

When the picture is perfect imagine stepping into the picture and floating into your own body. See what’s going on around you as if through your own eyes.  Hear the sounds around you as if through your own ears. Allow yourself to fully associate with and experience the emotions you have.

#3: Feel how good it feels

Procrastination gets you nowhere. And lack of motivation is draining. Knowing how good it will feel once you have successfully achieved things will further fire your hunger to get the task done!

#4: Work out where those good feelings are in your body

Be self-aware and get to understand yourself. Different emotions and feelings tend to hit in different places. Knowing where those good feelings exist for you in your body will allow you to build on them and keep them going – and fire your motivation even more.

Perhaps for you, it’s in your gut?  In your head or chest? Or are they going through your core?

#5: Now work out which way those feelings are naturally spinning

It may sound a little odd to you at first, but all feelings spin within our bodies. That’s how feelings build and keep going – otherwise, they would pass through you like a floating cloud….

Perhaps your good feelings are coming from within you, and spinning outwards in a circular motion?

Or are they spinning in towards you? Or side to side? And if so which way?

#6: Take control and spin them bigger

Once you have worked out where your feelings are and the direction they are spinning,   move your hands and arms in the same spinning direction.

Make the continuous spinning movement with your hands and arms a much bigger movement  – and you will experience your good feelings continuing to grow.

#7: Squeeze your thumb and middle finger together

When the good feelings are really strong squeeze your thumb and middle finger together for 8 -10 seconds.

Associating or ‘Anchoring’  these good feelings to this simple physical action will enable you to squeeze your thumb and finger together at any time and in an instant bring those good feelings back.

#8: Work out your plan and  chunk it down

Knowing now how good you’re going to feel when the task is done, work backwards from the desired outcome.

Construct your plan, chunk it down, and see the steps you need to take.

#9: Get started and take consistent action! 

Squeeze your thumb and finger together to refuel the good feelings, and start taking the necessary action.

All the while, keeping your eye on the ‘prize’ and visualising the successful outcome, with a real knowledge of how good it will feel when the deed is finally done! 


If you have any questions on the above technique, or with regards to motivation in general, get in touch with me. I will be happy to hear from you; leave your comments and questions below.

The important thing to take on board is that motivation hinges on desire and ‘wanting’.

If you don’t have that desire to do a particular task naturally then seeing the successful end result in your mind will really help!


Maureen Sharphouse

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