Weighed Down By Negative Thoughts or Emotions? Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

For those who know me well, you will know that I am a lover of life, nature, people and animals, and my gorgeous family and amazing husband, Peter. I am also a lover of fables and often relate them within coaching sessions to highlight, inspire or instigate new or different ways of thinking for my clients.

Let me share with you one of my favourites and a fable I often share with my private life coaching and mentoring clients. If you can sometimes feel weighed down by negative thoughts or emotions, self-doubt or anxiety, this good wolf/bad wolf fable is most definitely for you:

An elderly Cherokee Native American Indian was teaching his grandson about life.

He shared a story about the ‘two wolves’ that live inside us all ….

One wolf, the grandfather said, is the good wolf.

The good wolf is kind and caring, and compassionate.

He is happy and joyful, and peaceful.

He always looks for the positive, and despite any challenges that may be going on around him, he does his best to seek the good in everything.

He speaks of the best things, about all that is possible, about overcoming obstacles, living with love, gratitude, joy and peace, about his learning and self-growth.

The other wolf is the bad wolf….

The bad wolf within us is often angry and resentful, envious or bitter–and tends to mainly see the negative things in life and focus or home in on the bad.

The bad wolf speaks of the worst scenarios and outcomes, about why things can’t change for him, is generally pessimistic and talks about how unfair life is.

The old man goes on to say that the two wolves are always fighting each other – and that it’s a fight that often goes on within us all to some extent each day.

The boy thinks for a while and then asks his grandfather:

“If they are always fighting, which wolf wins?”

Whichever wolf is fed and nourished most, my son. That’s the wolf who wins….”

Personal Development Top Tip:

Which wolf am I   feeding and nourishing right now?” is a question that is worth asking yourself regularly.

Feed your good wolf more – and you will gradually starve your bad wolf.

You can gently move from a place of fear to faith, from doubt to knowing, from anxiety to calm, from anger to gratitude, from sadness to more joyful living.

You can move with ease and grace towards giving and receiving more heartfelt peace, joy and love.

So stop for a moment and think about which wolf you have been feeding most recently.

Good wolf? Bad wolf? Which one?

Think about your surroundings, the people you mix with, the communication others give you, the experiences you share.

Are your circumstances and others nourishing and feeding that same wolf for you?

It’s time to take ownership of your thoughts and make this year a great one…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this fable, and please do share it with others if you think it would help them start seeing their cup half full rather than half empty.

Any insights or clarity for you? New ways of thinking? What has the good wolf/bad wolf fable brought to light for you? 

Let me know in the comments below. I am always pleased to hear from you and would love to know your thoughts.

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