Unhackable Soul #1 International Best-seller!

If ever there was a blog post to encourage you to believe in yourself, this is it!

As a child, I dreamed of writing a book and being a best-selling author.

I never gave up on my dream and this year in April 2022, at the age of sixty-five,  my book Unhackable Soul was finally released and published.

What’s more, on the  7th/8th May 2022  Unhackable Soul hit the #1 Amazon bestseller list!


Remarkably that weekend it hit the Amazon.com best-seller list  in five different categories, achieving:

#1  in Pain Management

#1 in Personal Transformation & Spirituality (above the incredible Gabrielle Bernstein and Brene Brown)

#2 in Faith & Spirituality

#2 in New Age  Self-help

#3 in Family & Personal Relationships


So…. believe in YOU…make your dreams matter!

If your dreams are important to you, treat them as important.

Only you can step up to what calls you forwards. The Universe’s support is always behind you, but you must take ownership of your dreams and play your part.

The bottom line is, your dreams are not going to happen if you do not stay true to them.

Making your dreams your reality comes down to you! 



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