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Unhackable Soul: Rise Up, Feel Alive, and Live Well with Pain and Illness.



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Sample Interview Questions

THE MYTH: Unhackable Soul

THE TRUTH: Unhackable Soul

BIO: Maureen Sharphouse

Info for Interviewers


  1. In 60 seconds, tell me what Unhackable Soul is about.
  2. How long have you lived with your physical health challenges?
  3. Tell us about the neurological illness that causes your pain.
  4. How did you come up with your “formula” for restoring your enthusiasm for life?
  5. Why did you write Unhackable Soul as a 30-Day, 30-Mission book?
  6. What is your greatest desire for the readers of your book?
  7. What are doctors missing about chronic pain management?
  8. Tell us the moment you transformed your relationship to pain.
  9. What are the top four benefits people report after completing your 30-day course?
  10. You call your book and courses: elixir. Why?
  11. Tell us about your typical day.
  12. In your book, you talk about death. How do you coach people when they have considered death as an option to alleviate the pain?
  13. What’s the best way to help another person facing chronic pain?
  14. You have what they call the “suicide disease.” Don’t many people in chronic pain commit suicide? Tell us about this.
  15. One way you cope with your chronic pain is through language edits. Tell us how to “flip your but” and “up until now” talk tips to impact the brain’s perception of pain.
  16. You often say you’re not defined by your pain; that you know you’re a soul in a physical body. How can others adopt this mindset and why does that help?
  17. You talk about the mind-body connection in your book and teach visualization techniques for lessening the acute discomfort of severe pain. Can you share some of them with us?
  18. You say that fighting your pain doesn’t help. Tell us why.
  19. You say acceptance of your pain and illness is empowering. Talk to us about that.
  20. What is the one thing you do every day that makes you feel alive?

THE MYTH: Unhackable Soul

  • Having pain and illness dictate the life you can live.
  • Pain can steal all passion and joy from you forever.
  • Our physical abilities and lack of pain bring us happiness.
  • Chronic pain ruins and rules you, and there’s no way to change that.

THE TRUTH: Unhackable Soul

  • We can choose our happiness outside of our circumstances.
  • Real change is about more than simply facing reality and igniting a new desire for life.
  • Pain and illness are not who you are.
  • Change comes from within. You get to decide what rules your life.

What if you …

  • were able to rise up from a life dictated by pain and illness to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose?
  • could feel alive and experience great joy, peace, and comfort?
  • could help others in pain regain their passion and joy for life?

…  could wake up every day eager to embrace life despite your challenges?


Meet Unhackable Soul Author Maureen Sharphouse

BIO: Maureen Sharphouse shares her own story to help chronic pain sufferers.

Maureen Sharphouse is a coach, mentor, writer, and speaker whose passion is to inspire others to live a unique legacy they are proud of.

She helps clients discover who they truly are beyond their physical body, live their best lives, and unleash their soul’s fire and passion.

Maureen lives with her husband, Peter, and their dog, Jackson, in the village of Milnathort, Scotland.

Connect at

Info for Interviewers

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Doctors rarely address what to do when there is no medical  ‘cure’ or ‘fix’. Learn Maureen’s top tips that she shares in her book.

Shed Your Labels: They Are Not You:

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Peer Support and Mentoring for People Facing Daily Pain:

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Makeovers: Ease Pain Through Remodeling Your Room and Your Mind:

Your space and your mind feed you. Nourishing yourself is especially important if you’re facing an illness. Your room and your mindset are two areas you can easily makeover. Learn easy tips to ease the chronic pain you face with a language makeover and a room remodel that reflects the self-care you deserve.

Pain Relief ‘Woo-Woo’ That Works:
When you change how your brain perceives your pain, you can change your experience of pain. Learn from Maureen empowering visualization techniques that can help lessen the severity of your discomfort when overwhelming pain crises and tsunamis hit.



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