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Sample Interview Questions

THE MYTH: Unhackable Soul

THE TRUTH: Unhackable Soul

BIO: Maureen Sharphouse

Info for Interviewers


  1. How long have you lived with your physical health challenges? What happened?
  2. Tell us about your defining ‘enough is enough’ moment that led you to transform your relationship to pain.
  3. Tell us about ‘the suicide disease’ that causes your pain, and how it affects you now, today.
  4. How did you come up with your “formula” for restoring your enthusiasm for life?
  5. In 60 seconds, tell us what your book Unhackable Soul is about.
  6. Why did you write Unhackable Soul as a 30-Day, 30-Mission book?
  7. What is your greatest desire for the readers of your book?
  8. What are doctors missing about chronic pain management?
  9. What’s the best way to help another person facing chronic pain? What do you want people to understand and know?
  10. One way you cope with your chronic pain is through mindset hacks and language edits. Tell us how to “flip your but” to impact the brain’s perception of pain.
  11. You often say your pain does not define you.  How can others adopt this mindset, and why does that help?
  12. You talk about the mind-body connection in your book and teach visualization techniques for lessening the acute discomfort of severe pain. Can you share some of them with us?
  13. You say that fighting pain doesn’t help. Tell us why.
  14. You say acceptance of pain and illness is empowering. Talk to us about that.
  15. What nourishing practices can you share with us that can help lead to optimum mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness?
  16. What is it that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
  17. What drives and fuels you at an inner level?
  18. What is the secret to feeling vibrantly alive despite ongoing challenges?

THE MYTH: Unhackable Soul

  • Having pain and illness dictates the life you can live.
  • Pain can steal all passion and joy from you forever.
  • Our physical abilities and lack of pain bring us happiness.
  • Chronic pain ruins and rules you; there’s no way to change that.

THE TRUTH: Unhackable Soul

  • We can choose our happiness outside of our circumstances.
  • Real change is more than simply facing reality and igniting a new desire for life.
  • Pain and illness are not who you are.
  • Change comes from within. You get to decide what rules your life.

What if you …

  • were able to rise up from a life dictated by pain and challenges to one fuelled by enthusiasm and purpose?
  • could feel vibrantly alive and experience greater joy, deeper peace, and comfort?
  • could be a lighthouse to others and help them regain their passion and joy for life?

…  could wake up every day eager to embrace life despite your challenges?


Meet Unhackable Soul Author Maureen Sharphouse


Maureen Sharphouse lives with her husband, Peter, their dog, Jackson, and their Birman cat, Phoebe, in Kinross-shire, Scotland. She is an award-winning certified life and mindset coach, mentor, writer, and speaker. Her internationally bestselling book “Unhackable Soul: Rise Up, Feel Alive, and Live Well with Pain and Illness,” and her 30-Day online “Unhackable Soul” course, a 30-day elixir to reignite the light within you, both launched in April 2022.

She experiences chronic and intractable pain due to the incurable rare neurological illness multi-site multi-system CRPS, and also has the genetic connective tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Her physical health, however, does not define her.

Maureen’s passion is to inspire and help individuals live a unique legacy they are proud of. Her mission is to help them discover who they are beyond their physical body, live their best lives, and restore and unleash their soul’s fire and passion. Maureen’s vibrant enthusiasm for life is evident despite living with severe daily pain and complex ongoing health challenges.

Maureen loves morning sunrises, good coffee, fresh flowers in her home, and spending time with her much-loved family and grandchildren. Noted for her authenticity and high level of results she brings her clients, Maureen is the  2 x Scotland Prestige Award Winner:  Life Coach of the Year 2022/23 and 2023/24—and has been a Transformative Life & Mindset Coach, Best Life Living Mentor, Speaker, Writer, and Master Practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) working with clients all around the globe, since 2010.

You can learn more about Maureen, explore her best-selling book and online course, access her Blog, and download free personal development audios and resources at


Info for Interviewers

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Here are a few topics that may be interesting to your audience:

Language Hacks: Time to Flip Your ‘But’:

Changing the order of what goes before and after the word ‘but’ can be hugely impactful by sending a completely different message to your brain. Learn common tricks to hack your language.

Mindset Hacks:  Time to Introduce ‘Up Until Now’:

Inserting the three short words ‘up until now’ before a statement opens the doorway so that whatever youmay have seen as being your factual realty can now perhpas be replaced by a different experience instead.

Chronic Pain: Cracking in the Light:

Doctors rarely address what to do when there is no medical ‘cure’ or ‘fix’. Learn Maureen’s top tips that she shares in her book.

Shed Your Labels: They Are Not You:

The medical community labels illness in order to treat it. But what if doctors say your condition is not treatable? What do you do then? Shedding your illness labels is among the first few steps…

Non-Negotiable Daily Practical and Spiritual Practices

Learn the daily practical and spiritual practices Maureen uses to craft, support and maintain soul and inner wellness.

Own the Space You Inhabit: Remodeling Your Room  to Impact Your Mind:

Your space and your mind feed you. Nourishing yourself is especially important if you’re facing challenging life circumstances which have the power to pull you down. Your room and your mindset are two areas you can easily makeover. Learn easy tips to lift your mood and makeover your mind.

Pain Relief ‘Woo-Woo’ That Works:
When you change how your brain perceives your pain, you can change your experience of pain. Learn from Maureen empowering visualization techniques that can help lessen the severity of your discomfort when overwhelming pain crises and tsunamis hit.



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CLICK HERE  to explore my #1 Amazon bestselling book  Unhackable Soul.

CLICK HERE to listen to my live interview on the Steve Yabsley Saturday morning Show – BBC Radio Bristol 20/5/2023

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to my interview with the amazing Talia Lazarus on the I Got Back Up PODCAST 4/7/2023  

Or you can watch my interview with Talia below:

Check out my Scotland Prestige Awards 2022/23 winner ‘Life Coach of the Year’  interview below:




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