You Ask. I Answer.

I believe in being open and honest, and completely transparent in my mentoring and coaching practice.

Here are some of the questions I am often asked about working with me, and some answers I am sure it would be helpful for you to know……


Information for YouI am based in the village of Milnathort, near Kinross in Scotland however my clients come to me from all across Scotland, the UK, throughout Europe, America, Australia –  and all around the Globe. 

Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic  all of  my  mentoring and coaching at present is currently being conducted via Zoom video calls,  with additional  email support as and when required.

My bespoke Coaching Programmes  can be effectively delivered to you wherever you live in the world.


Information for YouNo. I am not a counsellor, therapist, new age guru or miracle worker.  I can be challenging and ask difficult to answer questions at times and whilst I am 100% unconditionally supportive won’t always give you a softly softly approach.  I am results focused and want the best for you, and seamlessly blend empowering coaching and mentoring processes and a wide variety of mental tools and practices including NLP and hypnosis/visualisation/mindfulness and meditation techniques in sessions. Whilst I may touch on your past to help you understand where and why you currently are in your life, my main  focus is on your ‘now’ and helping you craft a better present, and a more enlivened future. The aim of my mentoring and coaching is to bring you the positive and beneficial results you want,  to your ways of thinking, you, and your life.

Please read my Blog for a simple explanation: Coaching versus Counselling: The Key Difference Explained


Information for YouHow long a period of working with me, and how many coaching or mentoring sessions you may require overall, very much depends on your current situation and the level of change or transformation you wish to achieve.  I will be happy to explore this with you and give you an honest opinion of my thoughts.

Whilst in certain  circumstances I may offer you the option of a single stand alone coaching session with me, I ask most client to  commit to a minimum three months or six month  Coaching Programme  in order to create meaningful and sustainable change.

I also, when my diary allows,  work with a small select number of clients for periods of a year or more. 


Information for YouThe financial investment required varies dependant on your needs, the results you desire, the frequency of sessions, any additional support you require, and the overall duration of your bespoke coaching programme. I appreciate however it it is helpful to you to give you an idea re my pricing and the cost involved. At present, my three and six month bespoke coaching and mentoring  programmes tend to range between £1,500 and £5,000. 

Coaching is ” an investment, not a fee” and one of the biggest personal investments you can make in your life.  All of my coaching programmes come with my 100% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve, and all that you  are.

Please Note: The cost of your coaching package is normally payable in full in advance (by bank transfer or Paypal), or by deposit and payment plan.

Does your Coaching and mentoring Really Work?

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I pride myself in the results I bring my clients. I am highly effective and experienced, and will do all I can to  bring out the best in you. However,  in truth, I am not the magic genie and you have to play your part! Whether my coaching and mentoring works for you, ultimately comes down to you…

You may find it helpful to read my Blog highlighting some of  the problems associated with coaching. In it I share with you the 7 most common reasons why  coaching may not bring you the results you want.

Blog: The Problems With Life Coaching: 7 Reasons Why Life Coaching May Not Work For You

What Do Others Say About Working With You?

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Since I started my professional coaching and mentoring practice in 2010, I have effectively coached scores of people from teachers, lawyers, university lecturers, business owners, nurses, doctors, sports and golf professionals, actresses, stay at home mums and dads, the bereaved,  students, and stressed executives, helping them achieve the meaningful and positive changes and transformations they wanted in their lives.

You may find it helpful to read what some of my clients have to say about their experience of working with me by visiting my Client Testimonials page – What Others Say.



Information for YouI would be happy to chat with you at a mutually convenient time, to discuss your current situation and explore whether we would be a good fit to work together. If I am unable to offer you a place on a bespoke programme immediately due to my personal diary commitments, I will be happy to keep in touch with you and updated  for when a place becomes available. If your needs are urgent, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. 

Please note however that I do not enjoy working with those who are prone to give up at the first hurdle. If that sounds like you, it  may be that we may not be the best fit.

How can I contact you, Maureen?

If you feel ready to step up and invest in yourself to make positive and meaningful change in your life, you can email me directly at or leave me a message on the Contact Page here on my website. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours to arrange a convenient time to talk.

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