Client Testimonials

Since I started my coaching practice in 2010 I have coached scores of people from teachers, lawyers, university lecturers, nurses, doctors, sports and golf professionals, actresses, stay at home mums, retail professionals, business owners, students and stressed executives from all around the world. Please find below a short selection of some of the many testimonials I have received. Please note, I respect my clients right to confidentiality and have, where requested, withheld their full names.

 AAEAAQAAAAAAAAh-AAAAJGRhNjk3OTQ1LWExMmQtNDNhMS1iMzg3LTY4MjkwOWRmZDFmMQ“I have had the fortunate opportunity to have been coached by Maureen in a number of areas from personal development to application at work,  home and getting to know myself more. The experience, learning’s and techniques have been amazing and completely unique to anything I have ever experienced before in the area of personal development and have approached each different aspect of my life including work, home, physical fitness and my relationship with myself. Maureen is an excellent coach who I found to be understanding, empathetic and extremely flexible in her approach. She is a very unique person who makes the client feel important and always follows up. Therefore I highly recommend Maureen for anyone who requires coaching regardless of which area in their life they may want addressing and I am sure those that do, will consider themselves lucky to have had Maureen as a coach just as I have” Awais Awan, Saudi Arabia

“Maureen can help you move from a dark place in your life to one filled with positive thoughts and joy. She will help you alter your thinking such that you are excited to discover what each new day brings. 

By making me flip my way of thinking, Maureen has brought me from a place of sheer terror, following a life threatening event, to a calm and contented existence. 

I’m now stepping into the future with ease and grace, rather than running around panicking in headless chicken mode! 

If you’re wondering whether to work with Maureen, think no longer. She’s worth absolutely every penny.”Fiona, Dunfermline

IMG_7162 “Maureen’s coaching programme has transformed the way I see my life. By using her techniques I have identified exactly what motivates me and I now have clarity on which direction I want to take my life.

Maureen’s ability to ask the right questions and home in on the right answers has led me to realise precisely where I derive my energy and I now have a clear sense of the areas in my life that I wish to channel that energy.

Through the coaching programme I have discovered a great deal about what I value, and with this knowledge I now prioritise only the activities that have a positive influence in my life.

These revelations have given me a solid foundation on which to build and work towards my life of no limits.”  Max, 27, Scotland

“I needed a transformation! Something to get me back on track. I’d given up working for studying as part of a career change but studying was becoming really hard work and daytime TV the alternative. Single and living on my own there was no one else to hold me accountable for my actions and I was getting nowhere. I needed some help. I decided to look for some support outwith family and friends. Maureen’s website and offering seemed to be different to other coaches or mentors. After an initial chat we agreed to work together for the next 12 months. Our first session, a half day at a local boutique hotel, really kick started my transformation. Over the year, daily accountability emails, fortnightly accountability calls and fortnightly 1-2-1 sessions allowed me the space and secure environment to explore myself, my life and what I really wanted. I grew in self belief and self confidence. I really started to understand was important to me and what makes me unique.

Studying became my focus, no more daytime TV, working towards my future. Having completed my MSc and fallen in love, my future now includes planning my wedding and moving home.

I’m also in the process of setting up my personalised nutrition business, with the aim of providing nutritional support to others seeking a transformation. Maureen has also helped me with my business set up, providing me with tools and tips on business planning, structure and market positioning. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a year when you have got the right support and encouragement from someone as dedicated and compassionate as Maureen.

I needed a transformation and WOW, with Maureen’s support, what a transformation I have achieved!”  Abigail Harper, Fife.

Stuart-Coia-photo-150x150 “In less than an hour of speaking with Maureen she ‘got’ me, understood exactly what my problem was, inspired me and fired me up to totally believe in myself again, and gave me specific advice and guidance as to how to turn any negative thoughts I may have into positive ones. I am now more focused on my vision and what my goals are for this year and can’t wait to get out there on tour and deliver what I can do!” Stuart Coia, Touring Golf Professional, Scotland

Zian Fred Norman“Maureen is a power house of positivity and everything she discusses you will find has resonance to your own particular journey…

‘Let go of things that do not serve you well!’.  

One of the best things anyone can do…

Thanks Maureen… keep shining your light!” Zian Fred Norman, Scotland

“It’s hard to think that I am the same person I was when I first contacted Maureen. With her help I have completely eliminated what can only be described as a long standing and deeply rooted mental fear and have broken through all of my former comfort zones and limitations. I have grown continuously in confidence and self belief. She has given me the courage to face my fears, to stop procrastinating and to get on and do! This period has felt a bit like a symbolic rebirthing. She has  been the catalyst and instigator of real change in me. I cannot recommend Maureen and her coaching highly enough….” Mark Wiggins, Middlesex

“Maureen was kind enough to coach me when I was at a very low place and didn’t have the money to pay her. I had been through a very challenging time and was feeling vulnerable and scared. I was beating myself up, focusing on all the mistakes I had made to get into the situation I found myself in. She was so gracious and supportive. While she agreed it was valuable to learn from mistakes, she helped me to change my focus and see that I had made good choices, as well as mistakes. In fact when I looked at my life with this perspective, I could see that the good decisions far outweighed the mistakes, which helped me to believe in myself, again. This was foundational in me turning my life around, again. Instead of being afraid of what stupid thing I would do next, or what unseen challenge would arise, I was able to feel gratitude and trust that things would work out. That was around 18 moths ago and now my life is heading in the direction I want, at full speed. I have a home that I love, my health and diet are back on track, I’m working with clients that I love and focusing on the elements of leadership training that truly bring value. Life is good and even when I’m thrown a curve ball, now I have the confidence that things are always working for my good and can expect growth and greater happiness and fulfilment, instead of fearing disaster. If it hadn’t been for Maureen’s kindness and expertise, I would probably stayed in that dark place much longer.” Felicity LeRouge, Kent.

Terri Evans“Maureen has been instrumental in improving my attitude, self-awareness, self-esteem as well as making me aware I am the most important person to myself.  I no longer settle for second best because I’m worth the best!  She has taught me to treat myself as I would my best friend; something I’ve never thought of before. She has been instrumental when it comes to telling me I have no limits except what I place on myself. She’s also shown me that happiness starts with me and to value and love myself unconditionally. I now breathe in fresh energy and breathe out letting go of my tensions. Maureen has taught me to begin each day as a chance for a fresh start.  I am thankful to Maureen for the Life Coaching she offers. She has affected my thinking in an extremely positive way. I am grateful for her continued support”

Terri Evans, USA

“Working with Maureen has completely transformed my way of thinking about myself, my circumstances and my world. I only ever saw situations as black or white, and I tagged everything with either ‘love’ or ‘hate’. Now with Maureen’s subtle techniques helping me to shift my mindset, I can see colour once again in everything I do. Life is good and there is beauty in everything. I have been equipped with a bag of strategies to allow me to take full control of my future and make the changes that I want. I am brimming with self belief that I will never see myself as second best again. Thank you Maureen.” 

Lisa, Livingston


“I went to Maureen lacking confidence in my game and not seeing myself getting away from it on my own. In the first few sessions I already could see improvements in my overall approach to playing golf and have built up a much better confidence in my ability and what I can achieve. I now have a much better understanding of my thoughts and what messages I need to send myself while playing golf. This has spread through my whole game and I feel now that the work I am doing with Maureen can take me to another level that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve on my own. ” Fraser McKenna, Touring Golf Professional

Madir Mabbott“Maureen is extremely warm, supportive and engaging as a Life Coach (and indeed as a person). She brings great personal experience, passion and a very high level of knowledge and training to bear to support her clients. Coaching from her has been so effective I wish I had had the good sense to consult a third-party years ago and now regard it as a must-have tool for any professional, not just for health issues (which first brought me to her), but for broad career planning in general.” Madir Mabbott, Edinburgh

“I feel alive for the first time in years!  I feel I’ve finally found me…” Elizabeth Young, Edinburgh

“Mid life crisis perhaps. All I know is that for a good few years I had a feeling there was something else out for me – but what? My personal circumstances had changed and now was the time to face this ‘situation’ once and for all. I had had counselling before but working with Maureen was very different. She is warm, intuitive, listens well –  and carefully asks the both interesting and challenging questions. I couldn’t believe how quickly the pieces fell into place and I am now clear on my journey ahead and feel truly motivated towards achieving my goals.”   Carole Smith, Fife

silvana“Here I am, finally doing what I should be doing in order to become a life coach. Being a life coach has been my dream for over three years and up until now I have taken many steps in the right direction. However, the action I have taken was nothing new. I have enrolled in a course, read books, followed and listened to many life coaches and definitely expanded my knowledge but, the last and most important step was still missing. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready, that I was too busy, that I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Then, I spent one hour with Maureen and within that one hour she helped me see clearly that the only thing keeping me away from my dream was my fear of stepping into a new territory, where I must do something that I have never done before. With her kind words of encouragement and questions that I had been hiding from for a very long time, Maureen reminded me of the courage that I possess and that I can be that person that I always wanted to be.

‘You are going to be a great life coach girl’ – Maureen said to me – ‘Go out there and show the world what you’ve got’. So here I am, crushing through my terror barriers, on my way to becoming the best life coach I can be.

Am I still scared? NO, I AM TERRIFIED! But I am doing it anyway. Thank you Maureen Sharphouse for showing me the way!  

With love, Silvana xx”    Silvana Jeffs, Brighton, UK

David White
 Capture“A long and fruitful VIP Strategy Intensive Day with Maureen.Can truly say never had anything as deep and as inspiring! I am excited for 2015 and beyond. Mind blowing”  Conor O’Neil,Touring Golf Professional

“Maureen is an inspirational coach and mentor who I would recommend to anyone looking to take the next step forward in their career.” David White, CEO, Scotland

“When Maureen helped me to see that the negative voice in my head was my own it was a real ‘light bulb’ moment for me!  I am now growing in confidence and self belief on a daily basis  and my performance is consistently improving. I  feel encouraged,supported, empowered and believed in. Maureen Sharphouse is one amazing  Mindset Coach.” UK Tennis Professional

“Before working with Maureen I was slightly skeptical as to whether the price of the programme was worth the reward.  Having never had personal coaching before I was naive to the many benefits it can provide.  I found that Maureen’s approach was beneficial for working through both very specific and very wide-ranging problems and that although the sessions were structured, they were flexible enough to deal with pertinent issues as and when they arose.The biggest benefit I found was having the dedicated time and space to think freely about things that I wouldn’t normally think about, either because of a lack of time or that they simply hadn’t crossed my mind.I also found the perspective, support, and guidance hugely beneficial. Thanks again, Maureen.”  Grant Bowie, Fife.

Laura Murtagh

“”I first met Maureen at a Business Networking event in 2012. I was not in a positive frame of mind at the time and from the start she inspired me and helped me to feel better about myself and the direction my life was taking. I have had an awesome coaching session with Maureen and feel blessed to have been gifted with some of her precious time! I have taken so much from our talk and feel more positive, focused and alive! Maureen possesses a natural gift to help people see that every day is theirs to claim and anyone can live a life of no limits! Maureen you are my inspirations and I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve!.” Laura Murtagh, Perth

“Maureen is a really lovely lady to know and a brilliant life coach. I have my confidence back, am dating a fantastic man, have made a new circle of friends and have even had a promotion at work. I cannot thank Maureen enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Lorraine Burt, Edinburgh

Katherine 2“Maureen has helped me see that there are ways of managing my problems and life, and supported me in some very dark moments. She is very understanding towards me as a disabled person, and very understanding about the difficulties I face because of my complex multiple disabilities. I would recommend her to anybody, able-bodied or disabled. She has given me such valuable and impartial advice without ever judging me or criticizing me and has been a ray of light and support when I have had very little support elsewhere.” Katherine Hayward, Madrid, Spain


“When I first contacted Maureen I was very mixed up about my future. I was 56 years old, suffering from ‘flown the nest’ syndrome of my daughters leaving home, also the harrowing deaths of my only brother, swiftly followed by my mum. I felt gutted and directionless. Over the weeks Maureen has given me self-worth, confidence and a real purpose to achieve things that I would never have believed I could achieve.  Her calming voice, and structural way of getting me through my problems have been so encouraging. She has given me back all my lost confidence. I have found 2 volunteering jobs that have turned my life around completely- that a year ago I could never have imagined I could have done. I am so grateful to Maureen. She is an amazing coach who has helped transform my life.” Jane, Bristol

Luke Groves“Just had an amazing 1 to 1 with Maureen. Maureen Sharphouse is a lovely lady and 100% brilliant mind coach. Recommended to all professional golfers!” Luke Groves, Golf Professional, London

“When I first contacted Maureen I was a worrier. I was low in confidence and self belief and was doubting my ability in my sport and in my role as a coach. Although I had previously been very successful at a highly competitive level I was without motivation, clear direction or goals. I didn’t feel passionate about my job or my life. Maureen’s coaching has changed all that. When she helped me realise that it was myself that was putting all the negative pictures and voices in my head that were chipping away at my confidence it was a real light bulb moment! I have grown hugely in self belief over the last few months, and have acquired the most amazing new senior coaching role. I am hungry to pass on my skills and have enormous pride in my ability. I have pushed through my former comfort zones and am now a strong coach, sportsman and  leader. I cannot recommend Maureen’s coaching highly enough.” Lawrence, Senior Sports Coach, Scotland

Lesley Ann StewartMaureen Sharphouse“A VIP Strategy Intensive Day with Maureen was a great way to refocus how I want my life to be and learn how to not let others negativity effect my own. The day was massively beneficial in me focusing on my happiness and helped reinstall a new found belief in myself and what I can achieve. Thank you Maureen! To anyone who is thinking about do this. Do it! It really is invaluable. ” Lesley-Ann Stewart, Edinburgh

“Maureen is an insightful and talented coach who will help you quite quickly work out what you do and do not want in your life. In one session I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to focus on in life!” Pam R. Edinburgh

“Maureen Sharphouse is amazing. I had always thought my disability meant I couldn’t do the same things my friends did. Maureen has helped me realise I just have to concentrate on ‘how’. I am now excited about my future and have just got a place at college and aim to eventually have my own business. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say  to Maureen. She has totally changed my life.” Louise D., Fife

“Maureen has equipped me with strategies and confidence to tackle issues head on and not to shy away any more. Thanks to Maureen’s life coaching I have found my voice and am loving being me! ” Rebecca M.,  Fife


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