Work with me

Working in partnership with me as your Personal Coach and Mentor is a step further forwards on your own personal journey to being the real authentic you and living your best life.

It’s another step towards  achieving the changes in your life you dream of, to living your life more fully-   feeling alive, complete and whole.

It is about holding yourself accountable.

It is about having support that cuts through your fear and excuses and having someone  who holds the safe sacred space for you when you most need it.

It is about learning and exploring NLP mental tools, mindfulness and meditation techniques, personal development techniques, coping and success strategies that have the power to positively impact on your life.

And it all can start right here in this moment.

For all change on the outside of your life begins on the inside with YOU.

Want to know more? 

Then take some time exploring my website and my bespoke mentoring and coaching programmes, find out more about who I am, my beliefs and values.

Check out my testimonials page to see what my clients say about me….

And  if and when you feel inspired to  potentially taking things further, get in touch with me to explore how I can help you best. X

Please note: I take a holistic  ‘whole person’ mind/body/spirit/soul approach to my coaching programmes, and lead by example. Despite living daily with the challenges of chronic pain and complex neurological illness I do all I can to live my life fully, and remain true and authentic to my core self.

I have been a writer, coach and  life mentor since 2010.

'The Secret to Feeling Alive and Living a Life of No Limits'