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*** Important Update August 2019: 

Please note I have no spaces currently available on any of my coaching programmes. I will however be  opening up three bespoke coaching/mentoring  spaces early October  (face to face, by Zoom or Skype).  If you would like to be considered for one of these places  please get in touch. I will be happy to chat things through with you and if we are a good fit to work together, would be happy to reserve one of these places for you for a small ‘holding your space’ deposit. .****

Here is some information however to help you decide if I may be the right coach for you: 

Having me as your Personal Coach and Mentor is your first step to being the very best version of the real authentic you and living your best life.

It’s your first step to achieving the transformations you dream of, to living your life fully, being happy, feeling alive, complete and whole.

It’s about holding yourself accountable.

It’s about having support that cuts through your fear and excuses and holds the safe space for you when you need it.

It’s about being empowered with NLP mental tools, mindfulness and meditation techniques,personal development techniques and success strategies that have the power to transform and change your life.

And it all starts right here in this moment.

For all change on the outside of your life begins on the inside with YOU.



Want to know more? And happy to wait a couple of months for a place to work with me? 

Then take some time exploring my website,  my current Coaching Programmes, find out more about me, see what my clients say about me – and  if and when you feel inspired to take things further, get in touch with me to explore how I can help you best.


♦ I teach motivation, mindset, success strategies, mindfulness and meditation techniques, best life living practices and high performance.
♦ I help people to be happy, feel alive, and achieve the success, happiness and deep internal peace in life they both want and deserve.
♦ I inspire and give people courage to make major and meaningful and significant positive life change – and create a  life that feels good on the inside.
♦ I encourage people to put value on themselves and help them evolve into the awesome truest highest version of the person they were born to be.
♦ I teach empowering NLP and success strategies and deliver support so strong it cuts through all fear, self doubt, hesitancy and excuses.                          ♦ I take a holistic  ‘whole person’ approach and lead by example. Despite living with a rare neurological illness I live my life fully and at all times remain true and authentic to my core self. 

I am into my tenth year of doing this full time. I have been a life coach and ‘real life’ mentor since 2010.

'The Secret to Feeling Alive and Living a Life of No Limits'