My Story

stuck  on a treadmill

In the 1990’s I was over exhausted and working sixty to eighty hours a week with two jobs. I was in an unhappy and stressful marriage, was the main breadwinner, had huge financial pressures and was grieving the loss of my father.  I was struggling to keep on top of my work and career, running my home, and looking after my teenage kids.

I felt I was stuck on a treadmill, trapped in circumstances, and at the time I could see no options or choices. Every day felt the same old same struggle. It felt  more like an existence to me than  a life.

 putting me last

To top it all I had suffered poor physical health since my twenties and thirties with a complex neurological and immune system disorder. I was aware with every year that passed I was  feeling more and more  unwell again.   I knew inside I could not  keep on going like this, and my inner voice was yelling “there must be more to life!” 

I was a proud perfectionist however, and had a fear of failure, and a fear of judgment of others, not to mention bills to pay.  I put on a ‘brave front’ to my family and employer, and told myself I should be grateful and accept my lot, although it felt second best.

The problem was I was putting my own needs last. I saw everyone else’s health and needs and happiness as more important than mine. I was feeling increasingly run down and depleted of energy. I had little enthusiasm for life, was uninspired and exhausted. I felt stuck in a downward spiral  and risked completely  losing sight of the real ‘me’.

struck  by the sword of damocles

Looking back now I can see it was inevitable that the Universe was going to send me something pretty major to ignite change in me. The Sword of Damocles chose its moment, and boy oh boy did it strike me hard!

Violent muscle spasms and pain  engulfed me. ‘Electric shocks’ flew around my body.I struggled  to walk  and kept losing my balance.  I got double vision, struggled to put two coherent sentences together and felt totally out of control.

Too ill to work, my employer couldn’t  keep my job open for me – and so I lost my job which added to the  financial pressure.

After exhaustive hospital tests, and initially many different diagnoses, it was confirmed I had a serious neurological illness for which there was no cure.

Very quickly, I got progressively worse, had to utlise a wheelchair, and moved to a bungalow with ramped access. I was registered disabled, relied on carers, and was told  my health wasn’t ever expected to improve.

A life defining moment

On 27th  November 2002, in a defining moment, the horror of my reality hit me.   It dawned on me in that instant, I had another thirty or forty more years of the same. I was only forty six years old at the time and sadly felt I hadn’t fully lived….

That was the day I  said ‘Enough is Enough!’  and decided to  do all I could from then on in, to live my life with more comfort, peace and joy despite any ongoing challenges I may come to face.

I dug deep for strength and courage,  and envisaged a much happier and healthier me –   feeling soul alive and finding meaning and joy in life.  I committed to do whatever it took, for however long it took,  to transform my life and make that picture real.

Over a period of a decade, and against all odds,  I crafted my own remarkable remission from my illness and totally transformed my life both at an inner and outer level. I turned my life around completely  and  achieved something others had said I couldn’t do.

In truth, I felt more energised, happier and healthier,  and more vibrant  than I had ever been.

Maureen Sharphouse - Coach, Speaker, MentorHelping others

Feeling called to share what I had learned,  and wanting to  be of service to others, I went on to study and train with world experts in the mind and motivational fields including Dr Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen LaValle, and the renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna.

I am an International Coach Federation (ICF)  Professional Coach, a Transformative Life Coach, Success and Mindset Coach,  Real Life/Best Life Mentor and a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Since I set up my coaching practice in 2010  I have passionately helped scores of my clients achieve the transformations they long for in their lives., Inspirational, Motivational. 3 words that best describe Maureen and her services.” Colin Rigby

 “I feel encouraged, supported, empowered and believed in. Maureen is an amazing coach.” UK Tennis Professional

“Maureen has been the catalyst and instigator of real change in me. I cannot recommend Maureen   and her coaching highly enough.” Mark Wiggins.

 the unexpected curve-ball – and it’s most valuable gift…

I want you to know, that despite what some other life coaches or mindset gurus may tell you, that we are not always in control of everything and that sometimes in life the ‘unexpected happens’. We do not always ask for the challenges life gives us, or are in any way responsible for them manifesting or coming about.

In recent years I  have once again been greatly challenged by my physical health.

Following on from a severe fall, in October 2017 it was necessary for me to undergo two major complex nerve surgeries  for bilateral  Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Without the complex surgery I was running the risk of losing complete use of both hands and arms.

It was also confirmed that I have the progressive rare and incurable neurological illness multi-site multi-system Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). 

I continue to have restricted mobility and am challenged on a daily basis with intractable nerve and bone pain.

What is this period in my life  teaching me?  

Life is teaching me  I am not  super woman,  and that I am human and vulnerable.

It is teaching me that  I don’t have a protective shield around me – I am the same as everyone else.

It is teaching me  that physical illness and challenging circumstances can still happen even when we practice self care and self love,  and are emotionally, spiritually and mentally well, and when we do all we can to stay so.

Above all, (and this is mega!) it’s teaching me that everything  doesn’t need to be 100% ‘perfect’ for me to feel soul alive, complete and whole! 

#Pause for thought : When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to take ownership of  the way you respond to what’s happening. That is where your  power is. Your true power lies within…. 


I have an ever deepening awareness that :

♥ I am completely without fear of any kind and a deep knowing that I can handle whatever life throws at me. 

♥ I feel spiritually awakened, safe, secure and supported by a bigger presence, much bigger than ‘me’.

♥ I feel alive in each and every sense of the word- with all my senses awake and acutely open.

♥ I have a deep inner peace  that is unshakable, and  despite how challenging and difficult my life may be, move forwards in my life with complete trust and faith.

♥ I have an ever growing  awareness that we are all spiritual beings, each one of us having our own  physical experience on this earth.

♥I am not my physical body. I am not my mind. I am the spirit within.  I am ME…..

My mission as I move forwards:

♥ My personal mission is quite simply that wherever I go, and wherever life now takes me, whether it is physically in person, or online – whether it is in my spoken word, or in my writing – may there be more compassion, hope and courage;  strength, trust, faith and peace because I am there ♥

And that is a pretty awesome message to share!

For if I can find inner peace, and put purpose to my pain, transcend all fear and live with courage, trust and faith you can.

If I can feel alive,  complete and whole despite not everything in my life being ‘perfect’, then you have that ability too.

Get in touch if you’d like to have more information about my bespoke Coaching and Mentoring  Programmes  and want to explore getting my personal support and  help.

You can drop me an email or give me a call on 07850 671216. (Code for the UK is 0044)


Maureen Sharphouse x




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