12 responses to “Being Positive is A Choice You Make”

  1. Craig Ronald says:

    Great news, very brave of you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Nici Malamoglou says:

    you are incredibly brave Maureen and thank you for sharing – I know it is so hard when we are healers and we don’t want to world to feel our pain but the collective love and outpouring of healing consciousness carries us further upwards.
    you are beautiful, you are bountiful, you are blissful.
    wishing you healthy and pain free 2018 xxx

  3. Mary macdonald says:

    I wish you a full recovery every blessing for a happy Christmas and the very best for 2018 xxxxx

  4. Helen Smith says:

    Your thoughts are my thoughts exactly Maureen. I hope you have a steady, if slow, recovery of your physical body as I will. Have a wonderful Christmas with Peter and your lovely family and keep us posted on your progress. Lots of good wishes for next year.

    • Maureen Sharphouse says:

      Thank you Helen. Here’s to much healing and recovery for both of us. Have the most wonderful Christmas with your lovely family. Much love, Maureen xx

  5. Peter Gamble says:

    Best wishes from Australia.
    I relate to your journey following a severe car accident and numerous medical procedures. One benefit is that you realise the significance of life and in my case it put the human back into the human being.
    Hope you have a healthy and happy Christmas…whilst you are freezing we are experiencing high 30’s so no snow here.

    • Maureen Sharphouse says:

      Thank you so much Peter. As you say you really realise the significance of life. Have the most wonderful Christmas. Much love from Scotland to Australia , Maureen xxx

  6. Hannah van den Berg says:

    Hi Maureen. I’m so sad to hear of your medical problems, I wish you a speedy recovery, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Have a very Happy Christmas with Peter and family, and I hope this New Year is a prosperous and healthy one for you.x

    • Maureen Sharphouse says:

      Thank you so much Hannah. I really appreciate your good wishes and prayers. Have the most wonderful Christmas – and may 2018 bring you much happiness and joy. Much love, Maureen xx

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