2 responses to “Is FEAR holding you back in life?”

  1. Lynne says:

    Thanks so much for this- really enjoyed reading this blog! I am quite anxious when in situations that are unfamiliar and I guess I never really viewed is as FEAR but of course it makes sense that it is. This blog makes me see that I am allowing my thoughts to create ‘pictures’in my own mind and really it is up to me to change those pictures. Like you say, I need to face these fears by doing the things that make me anxious, anyway. And I will!x

    • Maureen Sharphouse says:

      See in your mind things going the way exactly the way you want them to go. With you feeling exactly the way you want to be feeling, whilst doing those ‘things’. As you say Lynne it is about taking ownership of the pictures you are making. Change what you think, and see in your mind, and you will change how you feel. Go make the ‘unfamiliar’ comfortable by doing those things 🙂

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