2 responses to “It all starts with a wish – and then it’s the wanting that counts.”

  1. Janet says:

    Interesting.. A different take on ‘success’ which has so many definitions…. I’ve had a bucket list and mood board, since seeing “Bucket List” many moons ago.
    It draws on intense parallels of life and is a WONDERFILLED film.
    When I achieve what’s been on my mind, on my board, bucket list, dreams, wishes and prayers, abundance cheques, I’m always blown away! So yes, I actively have
    success every time I can
    ✅ my wants.
    I believe the Universe does deliver. What might be a passing thought, will come true because my sub-conscious won’t let it go. No, it works with me in the background and then surprises me!
    Point in case, I really wanted to go back to Sedona, Arizona. At the time, there simply wasn’t enough funds to see it automatically, to reality. I actively, consolidated debts, got a cheaper loan, was out of any debt within a year. Even won some money, extra work was abundant… It was all falling into place. Moving forward 18 months …
    By January, 2015 we were in a position to book the trip… The bank account was healthy. To this day, still in the ‘black’ and all of this I achieved after turning my back on the corporate world and setting up my own business. On paper, the salary was much less, but the reality? Costs were less, happiness was more and being happy working with people, was achieved.
    I don’t mean to ramble, but this is how it’s worked for me. I might say it a little differently, but I’m achieving results… Sedona, you’re never off my list! I’m coming back.

    Great blog Maureen, namaste

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