2 responses to “The Problems With Life Coaching : 7 Reasons Why Life Coaching May Not Work for You”

  1. Helen Smith says:

    Life coaching may not be for some people but I think your story is very inspiring. I have a friend with ME who is a laughter yoga therapist and she is equally inspiring. She is not ‘cured’ and really does have to pace herself to conduct workshops but when she appeared on TV recently I felt really pleased she had taken the steps she had taken. Like me she was on the Cross Party Group on ME for a decade and Treasurer of the Edinburgh ME self help group but broke away from all the negativity surrounding these voluntary positions.

    • Maureen Sharphouse says:

      Thank you Helen for your kind comment. Your support in what I do is very much appreciated. Like your laughter yoga therapist friend I chose to break away from all negativity. My warmest wishes to you and your friend xx

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