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IMG_9269cYou will find me flexible in my approach  and currently offer bespoke programmes  in relation to  Clarity & Breakthrough,  Mindset Mastery,  Inner Awakening and Life Transformation. 

I also coach and mentor  clients who live with chronic pain and illness to live well, find joy and peace in their lives –  and embrace their lives  fully by opening their minds to different perspectives, new ways of thinking and being –  and teaching them a wide range of pain management, mind/body,  practical and spiritual practices, techniques and tools.

All programmes  are tailored and bespoke to your individual requirements and seamlessly blend together a combination of Life & Mindset Coaching, Personal Mentoring, NLP,  spiritual and mindfulness approaches and techniques.

I am  based in Milnathort near Kinross in Scotland and work mainly by Skype or Zoom and telephone, as well as face to face with clients. All of my Coaching Programmes are suitable for those who live in central Scotland, Perth, Kinross-shire, Fife and Edinburgh and wish to come to my office at home to work with me, as well as my clients throughout the rest of Scotland, throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of  the world.

Please Note:  I believe in being open and transparent, and for that reason have included an indication  of the financial investment required to work with me. I will be happy to discuss your individual requirements  and  provide full details of any proposed coaching or mentoring programme on request.



Whilst I ask that my clients usually commit initially to one of my three or six month coaching programmes in order to see sustainable change in their life, I appreciate there may be times when a stand alone session with me can be highly beneficial.  For this reason, after an initial chat with me,  I may offer you the option of having a single stand alone Clarity & Breakthrough personal coaching session with me.

This is ideal for you  if you have a specific issue you need clarity or guidance around, are in need of a positive mindset shift, to see things from a different perspective, or are in need of  a mental ‘break through’.

It’s ideal also if you want empowered with a variety of NLP and hypnosis techniques to fire your confidence and build self belief, better manage chronic pain, or help you move from stress and anxiety to a more relaxed place of inner calm.

dreamstime_xs_47636440“In less than an hour of speaking with Maureen she ‘got’ me, understood exactly what my problem was, inspired me and fired me up to totally believe in myself again, and gave me specific advice and guidance as to how to turn any negative thoughts I may have into positive ones. I am now more focused on my vision and what my goals are for this year….” Stuart Coia

The investment for a single stand alone session with me starts at £200 (investment required dependent on length of the stand-alone session agreed). In addition, clients often choose to include for a small  additional fee:   two to six weeks of follow on full email support  and/or 1-3  ten minute follow up ‘check in’ calls. 


Clarity&BreakthroughTailoredThis is a three month private coaching and mentoring programme consisting of regular  one on one sessions with me (of agreed duration) , weekly accountability and ‘check-ins’,  and  full unlimited email support.

The package is ideal if you are feeling stuck or trapped, or ‘on a treadmill’, and needing clarity, focus, new perspectives or direction, different ways of thinking and a ‘breakthrough’.

It is ideal if you are ready to expand beyond your existing comfort zone, and kick start new self belief and possibilities in life.

dreamstime_xs_47636440“Maureen’s coaching programme has transformed the way I see my life. By using her techniques I have identified exactly what motivates me and I now have clarity on which direction I want to take my life. Maureen’s ability to ask the right questions and home in on the right answers has led me to realise precisely where I derive my energy and I now have a clear sense of the areas in my life that I wish to channel that energy. Through the coaching programme I have discovered a great deal about what I value, and with this knowledge I now prioritise only the activities that have a positive influence in my life. These revelations have given me a solid foundation on which to build and work towards my life of no limits.” Max, age 27, Scotland

Contact me for more information and to explore if this is the right programme for you

The current investment for a three month private coaching and mentoring programme dependent on regularity and length of one to  one sessions, level of ongoing support etc tends to be in the region of  around £1500. 

 Mindset makeover coaching PROGRAMME

MindsetMakeoverThis is a three month private coaching programme which in addition to regular coaching one on one sessions includes an intensive strategy half day with me and special bonuses of  affirmation audios, full accountability and email support, and ‘SOS’ calls.

The package is ideal for you if you are ready to break free from feeling trapped or stuck in your circumstances or limited ways of thinking. It is ideal of you want to smash through a ‘plateau’ in your personal, professional  or performance life. It’s ideal also if you have big goals and visions and want to be empowered with a customised plan, positive and winning mindset, and mental strategies for success. You will discover what’s been holding you back in life, what makes you ‘you’, and what fires your passion. You will throw off the shackles that have restrained you, and make empowering changes, and grow continuously in confidence and self belief.

dreamstime_xs_47636440” It’s hard to think that I am the same person I was when I first contacted Maureen. With her help I have completely eliminated what can only be described as a long standing and deeply rooted mental fear and have broken through all of my former comfort zones and limitations. I have grown continuously in confidence and self belief. She has given me the courage to face my fears, to stop procrastinating and to get on and do! This period has felt a bit like a symbolic rebirthing. She has  been the catalyst and instigator of real change in me. I cannot recommend Maureen and her coaching highly enough….” Mark Wiggins, Middlesex

Contact me for more information and to explore if this is the right programme for you

The current investment for a three month private coaching and mentoring programme  to include a VIP strategy intensive half day usually starts at around £2250, dependent on regularity/duration of sessions, level of ongoing support delivered etc and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.


LifeTransformation (1)If you are looking to create positive, meaningful, sustainable and major transformation in your life – whether it is in ‘you’, your physical or mental health, your relationships, your personal or professional life, or performance- the intense six month  Life Transformation Programme is the perfect coaching/mentoring programme for you.

The Life Transformation Programme includes regular one on one personal coaching sessions and either one full day or  2 x Strategy intensive half days with me. You will receive additional bonuses of full support and weekly accountability,  tailor made hypnosis and affirmation audios as deemed appropriate to your needs, priority access to me for  SOS emergency calls, and a  celebratory reward.

This programme is perfect for you if you want a life less than ordinary, that feels good at a deep inner level.

I will provide you with a very personal and exclusive level of attention and motivation specifically tailored to bring you the transformative results you want.

dreamstime_xs_47636440“When I first contacted Maureen I was a worrier. I was low in confidence and self belief and was doubting my ability in my sport and in my role as a coach. Although I had previously been very successful at a highly competitive level I was without motivation, clear direction or goals. I didn’t feel passionate about my job or my life. Maureen’s coaching has changed all that. When she helped me realise that it was myself that was putting all the negative pictures and voices in my head that were chipping away at my confidence it was a real light bulb moment! I have grown hugely in self belief over the last few months, and have acquired the most amazing new senior coaching role. I am hungry to pass on my skills and have enormous pride in my ability. I have pushed through my former comfort zones and am now a strong coach, sportsman and leader. I cannot recommend Maureen’s coaching highly enough.” Lawrence, Senior Sports Coach, Scotland

Contact me for more information and to explore if this is the right programme for you

The current investment for a six month private coaching and mentoring programme  to include two VIP strategy intensive half days usually starts at around £4150, dependent on regularity/duration of sessions etc and will  be tailored to suit your specific needs.


VIPStrategy days

Imagine cutting away years of you getting in your own way  with limiting beliefs, conditioning of old, self doubt,  negative self talk , lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of judgment of others or undue stress and worry.

Imagine throwing off your perceived limitations of what you think you can or can’t achieve in life, soaring in motivation and self confidence, and being empowered with mental, practical and spiritual  tools, techniques and strategies, and the mindset for wellness and success.

That’s the power of a  Strategy Intensive Day with me when you work together for either a half or full day and focus on you intensely. You will go away with a concise, targeted custom success plan and you will also receive a follow up 20 minute Zoom or Skype call from me  and six weeks ongoing email support.

dreamstime_xs_47636440“A long and fruitful VIP Strategy Intensive Day with Maureen. Can truly say never had anything as deep and as inspiring! Excited for this year and beyond. A mind blowing day! ”  Conor O’Neil, Glasgow

Contact me for more information and to explore if this is the right programme for you

Price for VIP days and half days varies from £475-£1500 dependent on location, duration of ‘day or half day’  and whether coaching is delivered face to face at an exclusive country location including lunch and a personal gift, or online by Skype or Zoom. 



I work extremely intensely on an ongoing basis with maximum of only two select private clients each year. My private coaching and mentoring programme requires a fairly major financial investment but results in the total transformation of both you and your life.   It is a superb bespoke service designed for those who want profound and meaningful change in their life. It includes one on one sessions, personalised hypnosis and  affirmation audios, full and unlimited email and telephone support and accountability, plus an agreed number of  Strategy Intensive half or full days each year.

Acceptance in to the year long programme is by Consultation only.  Please Get in touch if you are 100% committed to take action now to get the life changing results you want,  and you are willing to invest in yourself significantly to get my intensive personal and ongoing help.

Please note: This programme is not for everyone and I hope you understand If I turn you down if I feel my  VIP Luxe  coaching and mentoring programme is not right for you. If you are accepted into the programme you have my promise of my 100% commitment to help you bring the life changing results you want. It is only right that I expect the same level of 100% commitment from you. 

Contact me  to explore whether her  ongoing private coaching and mentoring is right for you.

“It’s amazing what can be achieved in a year when you have got the right support and encouragement from someone as dedicated and compassionate as Maureen. I needed a transformation and WOW, with Maureen’s support, what a transformation I have achieved!”  Abigail Harper, Fife.

Price on application. This is a private bespoke mentoring programme delivered over a period of twelve months.


Information for YouCoaching: “Not a fee, but an investment…”

Coaching is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life and all of my coaching programmes come with my 100% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.

The cost of your coaching package is normally payable in full in advance, or by deposit and payment plan by arrangement. 

Your Questions Answered

I believe in being  open and transparent in my coaching practice and will happily answer any questions you may have.  In the meantime please visit my page You Ask. I Answer.  to find out some of the things  it would be helpful for you to know.

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