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I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am spirit. I am me.

I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am spirit. I am me.FB
As a child and in my teens, I always had a feeling I was meant to ‘do’ or ‘be’ someone special. I felt I was meant to be ‘someone’, that I was here on this earth for a special reason. The feeling never left me although I could never figure out what it all meant.In my 20’s and 30’s I found myself getting frustrated with life. My life seemed fraught with one challenge after another. Read more…

What is the Difference between a Life Coach and a Counsellor? A Simple Explanation for You…..

LifeCoachingor Counselling.Blog
It can be difficult at times to know which personal development professional to approach when you are either struggling in life or when you want to make positive life changes.  In fact, one of the questions I am often asked as a Professional  Coach is whether life coaching and counselling are one and the same thing. The work of a life coach and the work of a counsellor are in fact very different, so I thought it may Read more…

Who are the best Life Coaches in Scotland? Recommendations for you.

Are you  looking for a great life coach, life mentor or personal development coach in Scotland?Whilst I’d love the chance to personally earn your business, and whilst I have coached and mentored scores of people across the Globe to  achieve the transformations they want in life since setting up my coaching practice in 2010,  I am aware that it is important to work with life coaches who are a good fit for you and that you Read more…

Love is a ‘doing’ word. ‘Be’ and ‘do’ love today.

LOVE is a ‘doing’ word. DO and BE love today.FB
Today is Valentine’s Day, and it seems appropriate to pop in briefly and spend a few moments sharing with you my thoughts on love.  Especially since I have just had a conversation with a lady who told me she has been ‘searching for love’ for thirty years.Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t see love as a  ‘thing’ – something to ‘find’, seek out or capture. I don’t see love as something tangible that you can see and hold Read more…

Got the January Blues? 11 Practical Ways You Can Start to Feel More Positive About Your Life

Suffering from the January Blues and lacking motivation?Know that every so called ‘problem’ emerges originally from a mindset – a certain way of thinking –  and every solution emerges from a mindset as well.Today, as I am writing this Blog, it is the Monday the 16th January and being referred to by many as  ‘Blue Monday’. Know however ‘Blue Monday’ (officially apparently the most depressing day of the year!)  is not a ‘real or tangible thing’ – Read more…

Meaningful and Important Questions To Ask Yourself At the End of Each and Every Day

In today’s busy world  many people strive for business and financial success, high performance and personal achievement.Many of my private life coaching and mentoring clients work with me because they want to achieve more with their lives and be better at all they do.I am the same. I want those things also. I am and always have been an ‘achiever’ and see myself as a life long learner. I intentionally step into each day seeing myself being an even Read more…

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