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Love is a ‘doing’ word. ‘Be’ and ‘do’ love today.

LOVE is a ‘doing’ word. DO and BE love today.FB
Today is Valentine’s Day, and it seems appropriate to pop in briefly and spend a few moments sharing with you my thoughts on love.  Especially since I have just had a conversation with a lady who told me she has been ‘searching for love’ for thirty years.Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t see love as a  ‘thing’ – something to ‘find’, seek out or capture. I don’t see love as something tangible that you can see and hold Read more…

Got the January Blues? 11 Practical Ways You Can Start to Feel More Positive About Your Life

Suffering from the January Blues and lacking motivation?Know that every so called ‘problem’ emerges originally from a mindset – a certain way of thinking –  and every solution emerges from a mindset as well.Today, as I am writing this Blog, it is the Monday the 16th January and being referred to by many as  ‘Blue Monday’. Know however ‘Blue Monday’ (officially apparently the most depressing day of the year!)  is not a ‘real or tangible thing’ – Read more…

Meaningful and Important Questions To Ask Yourself At the End of Each and Every Day

In today’s busy world  many people strive for business and financial success, high performance and personal achievement.Many of my private life coaching and mentoring clients work with me because they want to achieve more with their lives and be better at all they do.I am the same. I want those things also. I am and always have been an ‘achiever’ and see myself as a life long learner. I intentionally step into each day seeing myself being an even Read more…

3 Reasons Positive Affirmations Won’t Work For You!
You only have to look at my Facebook or Twitter pages to know that I am a lover of empowering and positive affirmations. I started consciously using them back in 2002 when I became passionate about my own personal development and made a decision to transform my life. Positive affirmations are positive statements in the present tense that feed positive messages to your mind and open the way for positive change for you. To this day I Read more…

The Problem With Fairytales and Stories of Magic Genies…. It’s just not life!

I want to share with you something really personal; I have always loved fairytales.As a young child I imagined that the fairy on top of the Christmas tree would come alive each year and magic me a miracle. I read the story of Aladdin and his magic genie over and over, and I watched the film Cinderella so many times I believed my fairy Godmother would grant me my Prince Charming at some point in Read more…

What is NLP? How can NLP help me live my best life?

“NLP provides a way to look past the behavioural content of what people do to the more invisible forces behind those behaviours; to the structures of thought that allow people to perform effectively.”   Robert Dilts ‘Modeling with NLP’If you have heard the term ‘NLP’ used and always wondered what NLP is, this Blog is for you.In this Blog I am going to explain in a very straight forwards and simple way what the letters N.L.P. stand for and Read more…

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